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While I don’t normally bare-ass it on Fridays, I do enjoy the more casual and laid back feel of the work day 😉


The gym that I normally go to on campus is closed for the summer, but little did I know that there is another equally large gym right around the corner.

Well, wouldya look at that…

This blows the mind of a girl who went to a tiny school with only one gym and only one dining hall. This morning I did intervals on the ArcTrainer for 30 minutes. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – with the right resistance, that baby can give me a good workout!


Today is the “sell by” date on my milk. That always makes me a little wary. I did the smell test. Not too abnormal. I did the shake test. No chunks (thank you, freshman year, for proving that happens). With all systems go – I made a hearty cereal combo 😀

Quaker oatmeal squares, Honey Nut Cheerios, Corn Flakes, chia seed, banana

Today is part two of the interview process so I better go get ready! I hope you have a fabulous Friday! Here’s to a long weekend full of fun, family and relaxation! :)

Let’s chat – Do you have any plans for the long weekend?! Do you drink milk on/after the sell by date? I drank it today, but I probably won’t drink it tomorrow. It’s not usually a problem I have – I go through milk so quickly! 


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    1.) Love that cartoon- hilarious.
    2.) cereal looks so good, we don’t have any in the house. Now I am craving it
    3.) I dont really drink milk becuase I think it is so gross :( and no, I wouldnt drink it after the date because I would be afraid it would smell weird
    4.) Have a fabulous memorial day weekend!!!

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    I won’t drink or eat anything past the date on the container! I would have used your milk today though:) I buy organic milk and it stays better for much longer so I usually don’t have any problems!

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    Longwood and Potsdam are seriously the same college but in different states both tiny and in small towns but I loved it. Which is why I had such a hard time choosing. Anywho-that would blow my mind about having two gyms holy moly. All the possibilities.

    The Arctrainer wins over all machines. Maybe not the treadmill…maybe.

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    Good luck today!!! I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

    And I do the whole smell and shake test as well…too funny! I usually don’t have the expiration problem, but if I do, I drink one or two days past the date and then toss.

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      Oh fun! I usually have the resistance set for 9 when I’m going forward and 11 when I’m going backwards. Maybe that’s not high for some people, but it really makes me sweat!

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    It’s not the long weekend up here in Canada, but it’s supposed to be a beautiful one (after a week of rain!) so I’m hoping to catch some sun 😀

    I’m actually really lax when it comes to using things up by the “best by” date. With cereals and bars I don’t even care, but with milk products… lol as long as it passes the smell and shake test, I’m willing to give it a shot.

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    Score on the gym. And I agree – the right resistance can make the elliptical or Arc trainer a killer workout!

    I’m really picky about milk. I won’t use it after the sell by date ever and I’ll ahve to really want milk to drink it on the date.

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    I drink dairy-free milk, but even when I didn’t I usually ignored the date printed and went with my own little freshness test..if it tastes fine, it’s alright by me!

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    So lucky! My gym is also closed at the university, so sticking to treadmill and outside runs!:) Not to sad about that though. I usually try to drink the milk before it’s sell by date,especially when I know its approaching, I start to drink copious amounts. I have no idea why, but I just get weirder out by the fact, that if its no longer good enough to be on store selves, then its no longer good enough to be on my shelve 😉

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    I’ll admit if almond milk passes the smell/shake test then I definitely drink it after the sell-by date! I would have never done that back in my cow milk drinking days though!

    Good luck on the 2nd part of the interview girl!! xoxo

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