Happy Sunday, my friends!

I had a such a fun weekend in Florida with my family, but now we’re experiencing a slight hiccup.

My mom is a flight attendant, so we pass ride – fly for free. The only catch is that there has to be open seats on the flight. Well, it looks like everyone and their uncle is trying to get out of Tampa today, so we’re stuck in the airport.

I’ve spent a good amount of the day perusing the magazine racks

Seriously? They’ve been married for like, 48 hours. Back off, media.

I don’t know what it is about being stuck in an airport, but it makes me a ravenous beast. A ravenous beast with no will power.

Case and point, the community slice of lemon pound cake that I personally put a huge dent into.

My mom and I are professional people watchers, so that’s helping some time pass by pretty painlessly. We like to play a slightly judgmental game: Do You Think They Own a Mirror? Seriously. People wear the craziest things. We justify it by saying, well, if they look that outlandish, they probably want us to stare at them.

Go ahead, friends. You can judge us too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap of my Florida trip! If you missed it yesterday, I stopped by to say hello with a short little vlog :)

Let’s chat – Are you a people watcher?


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    Hahaha love it. I’m a total people watcher too and have some of those same thoughts. Sometimes, I just wonder what people are thinking when they step out the door!

    Hope you get to go home soon!!

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    I am definitely a people watcher. Whenever I fly with my parents they always like to get to the airport like really early so I have plenty of time to sit and people watch. It helps the time go by.

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    I watch everyone!! My bf thinks I’m nuts because I’ll notice the most random things about people and point it out. I look at shoes mainly haha

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    I’m a people-watcher, too! Sometimes I just can’t believe what people think is “acceptable” to go out in public. And people watching at the airport is always better than everywhere else… it’s like the normal standards don’t apply!

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