Strange Search Terms

When I first started blogging, I was totally obsessed with my “site stats.” I’d check them daily, sometimes twice daily, to see where my measly stats stood.

These days, I check my site stats once a week? While I clearly look to see where my stats are, my real joy and entertainment comes from seeing the most popular search terms that lead people to my blog and guessing where they ended up.

Below are my weekly favorites:

It’s no secret I have a total girl crush on Jillian. I mention her on occasion.

I won’t lie, for a split second, I was embarrassed when I saw that several people got to my blog based on my poor fashion choices. Then I recalled which kind of “ugly sweater” people are looking for. Good thing I have thick skin 😉

Next up, story of my life:

Not sure, buddy. But I remember my first spray tan. Sounds almost as awkward as being totally nude.

What can I say? I’m honest ;)

Caps lock, OMG. Right?!

Let’s chat – Bloggers, any favorite “strange search terms” that led people to your blog?  


  1. says

    Lol – I LOVE looking at my search terms! My 3 tops ones are always “Nixon peace sign” (I took a pic of me recreating the iconic photo of him doing it) “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and “Jillian Michaels”
    Love it.

  2. Renee says

    Search terms are like my very own comedy show! They never make any sense but are hilarious. Mine are about blue pants!

  3. says

    omg this post gave me the best morning laugh haha, love it! my favorite as of late is “how to open Pomi tomatoes” — ummmm? you really had to google that there friend? ok then. are you going to the va bloggers cooking demo tomorrow night?

  4. says

    Haaaa! love it!
    my top 2 fav of mine are probably “blogger who doesnt wash their face” and “how much do my boobs weigh”
    i dunno if i am proud or ashamed that i have written posts on both of those subjects haha

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