Sparkly Soul Give Away!

Who out there has heard of Sparkly Soul headbands? Who out there has been itching to get their hands on one? I know that I had been, and when Sparkly Soul offered to send me some headbands to try out, I was stoked.

Stoked, yet skeptical.

You see, headbands are something I usually forego because, like earbud headphones, they always seem to fall out of place as soon as I move.

Not these suckers. I first tested my wide band with a treadmill run – and after a sweaty 40 minutes, it hadn’t moved at all.

Not the most flattering, but I had just stepped off the ‘mill. 

After my first experience wearing one, I was hooked. I wear one almost every day when I get home from work, put on my comfy clothes and pull my hair back. Cory has even said “I really like those headbands” more than once. You gotta love a guy who likes his girl to sparkle :)

I sported my thin gold band this morning for a strength workout, and it even stayed in place when I was doing ab work and fussing with my hands at the back of my head.

Focused on making sure the elliptical girl didn’t think I was taking a picture of her.

Post workout. 5:45 AM. Silly tired.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to brag about my good fortune of owning two sparkly headbands. You know me better than that :)

Sparkly Soul is super generous and wants to spread the sparkle to YOU! One lucky lady (or gent?) will win TWO headbands – one wide and one thin – in any colors you choose. Trust me you REALLY want to own these headbands.


There are a few ways you can enter. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning!

1. (Mandatory) Head over to Sparkly Soul and let me know which two sparkly colors you like best.

2. (Optional) Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter @SPARKLYSOULINC

3. (Optional) Tweet about the giveaway: “@LunchboxDiaries is having a @SPARKLYSOULINC giveaway! I want to sparkle!”

The good news doesn’t end there! Enter FITFLUENTIAL in the coupon code at checkout to receive a 15% discount on any Sparkly Soul order for the entire month of February at

Good luck!! Sparkle on, my friends!


  1. Sarah says

    I know it’s kinda plain-Jane, but I really love the gold ones. They just look classy. And they are neutral, and will go with everything!

  2. Amy Stumbo Bartley says

    I like the green and silver. Even if I don’t win, I might have to buy a few. The ones I have always slide right off.

  3. Danielle says

    By the way…… love the shirt lover! I wear mine occasionally to the gym too :) but it makes me sad so I try not to! MISS YOUUU

  4. Kristen says

    I am in desparate need of a headband like this! My bangs annoy the bejeesus out of me when I’m working out. I love the silver and purple (lavender)!!

  5. Kate says

    I love sparkles, and headbands! I’d totes wear the wide black and wide pink ones, because I <3 pink, and black would match everything else!

  6. Jerica says

    I keep hearing about these and would LOVE to try them! I really like the black (goes with everything) and emerald (would match my sneakers!) colors!

  7. says

    I wear these headbands all the time! Even to work and church! So versitile. I would love any color I don’t have – like blue…or green…or silver… :)

  8. says

    Dark pink and Black for the WIN!! I’m still skeptical though, I have the WORST luck with head bands while running. 😉

    I also tweeted you up seester ;P

    P.s- If I could look as beautiful as you at 5:45am I might not be so afraid to scare people at the gym

  9. says

    So glad to see that the sparkly headbands go nicely and so cutely (made up that word just for you) with GLASSES. Coincidence that I also wear glasses? Mebbe. Glass- and glitter-tastic! I would enkoy winning orange and gold! Sprinkle some sparkle my way!

  10. Chelsea Brown says

    I’m loooving the blue and the silver! and the gold… but the blue has definitely grown on me the more i admire the sparkly bands :)

  11. says

    This is so hard! I like the gold and silver, and both purples, the lavender and violet! ahh! if I REALLY had to choose… gold and violet. I think. maybe. :)

  12. caitlin monds says


    I love the ice pink one and the black, I also love your blog, I ALSO love you rocking the peer mentor shirt. Alot of love to you. <3

  13. crystal c. @cuppycakefreak says

    I would love to win some sparkly headbands!! I have my eye on the dark pink skinny one and the black wide one!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  14. Lizzie says

    While sweatin’ it out at the gym (and my Bar Method classes!) I still like to stay super girly! I’d have to choose the pink and purple :)

  15. says

    I love the silver and the purple ones. Could you tell me which one you are wearing in the first picture? Is it Hot Pink or Violet? Really like it but can’t figure out which one it is. :)

  16. Jessica says

    Oh I like the pink and the green. They will go lovely while training for my Komen 3 day – 60 mile walk for the cure!

  17. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says

    I hate when my headbands fall out of place! THese are so cute, love the pink and silver one!

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