Sometimes {I Don’t Make it to the Gym}

I go to the gym in the morning.

Let me rephrase: If I go to the gym, I go in the morning.

And lately, that’s a big fat if.

Sometimes, my bed is just too warm to leave.

Sometimes, I’d rather beat the breakfast rush than rush to the gym.

Sometimes, I make plans to go in the afternoon, but then I realize my pajama pants make more sense than my yoga pants.

Sometimes, I make myself believe that I have an ailment that prevents me from making it to the gym. You know, like a random knee pain an hour before I’m supposed to be at Body Pump.

Sometimes, I think: Oh, hell, what’s the point?

Sometimes, it feels like a chore. And I hate chores.

Sometimes, I’d rather watch Ellen and Dr. Phil.

Sometimes, I’d rather be at home than at the gym when Cory gets home from work.

Sometimes, I can’t say no to comfy clothes, pizza, and a glass (or two, or three) of wine.

┬áSometimes, yes, sometimes – I do make it five days a week, but that’s not always the case. The reason I mention this is because I┬álike to consider myself an advocate for the average person, you know?

And when it comes to physical fitness, I think most average people fall below the recommended daily amount – and you know what, that’s okay. Sometimes.

Do I condone laziness, overeating, or your letting spectator sports count as your physical activity? Heck no!

I simply condone giving fitness your honest to goodness best effort. We all have our own “sometimes.” The point is to not make them our “always.”

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31 Responses to Sometimes {I Don’t Make it to the Gym}

  1. Katie H. says:

    Love it! I sometimes do just about all of those things, too. I also SOMETIMES bring leftover pizza for lunch. Or SOMETIMES drink an extra Diet Coke. SOMETIMES I have some frozen yogurt on my way home. SOMETIMES I eat way over one serving of cheese on my salad. But I’m TOTALLY okay with all of those things :-)

  2. I liked this post; it was very comforting :)

  3. Definitely agree! Sometimes you just have those days when other people and “things” appeal more. Sometimes I skip a workout to let my baby nap on my chest. Sometimes I’d rather watch “Real Housewives” and eat cereal out of the box than run on the treadmill. Not everyday, but *some* days! And that’s okay!

  4. Megan says:

    Love this!! I tricked myself into being above average this year by signing up for 3 strategically spaced out runs this year! I have yet to not make a run in the last 5 weeks! Prior to this though that IF was always looming!

  5. Maureen says:

    I wish I was reading this at home in my pj bottoms and a glass of wine in one hand. :)

  6. All of your posts are so refreshing. I sometimes feel like I am the only one that deals with anxiety, or worries about what I eat or doesn’t want to go workout. It is nice to know that I am not alone in dealing with these things.

  7. Angela says:

    That’s so refreshing. Especially with blogs I feel like it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you’re lazier than the average person… but that’s not necessarily true. Everyone has an off day, or week, and that’s ok!

  8. Colleen! I’m not sure if you remember me, but I blogged waaaay back in the day, disappeared for a while, and mysteriously reappeared once more :mrgreen: I’ve been trying to find all the blogs that I used to read, and I’m SO happy to have come across yours again – omigosh girl, are you ever a breath of fresh air! This line right here? –> “I like to consider myself an advocate for the average person” <– My absolute favorite thing ever. Being bombarded with bloggers working out 6 or 7 days a week, beating themselves up over missed workouts, and always giving it their all when working out can be a little much to swallow, and this? This is exactly what we need more of.

    • Colleen says:

      Amanda, I read your blog everyday!! I’m just a lurker – I guess I need to start commenting! Thanks for the positive words, girl! I truly appreciate it, especially coming from such an inspirational lady like yourself! :)

  9. chasingchels says:

    Sometimes those are the best days of the week/month/year :) especially when they involve wine…and froyo…and pjs….

  10. Loved reading this, especially at the end of a week when making it to the gym was the biggest struggle ever. I only made it 2 days and that’s rare for me. Oh well.

  11. Parita says:

    Great post! Thank you for this! You, my friend, are a breath of fresh air!

  12. You are wonderful- gym or no gym!! And I agree with Parita- you are a breath of fresh air!! XO

  13. livehalffull says:

    Such a great attitude!!! I love it-especially after your anxiety post!

  14. Chelsea says:

    Yes! I totally agree. I also think life’s too short to not eat doughnuts. Do I eat them everyday? Of course not! (I wish!) But it totally kills me when one of my roommates is like “Do you know how many calories is in that? Do you know how long you have to be at the gym to work that off?” I don’t really care. Because I DO go to the gym, sometimes only two days and sometimes 5 or 6 days I week, it just depends on what life throws at me!

    Your blog is seriously my favorite out of all of the ones I read – you’re so honest and real, I love it! You go girl! :)

  15. Ha, I love the part about you making up “ailments” to avoid Body Pump. Totally something I would do.

  16. Oh me too! Me too! Me too! Love this post. I struggle with things like this all the time some days I just don’t feel like working out so I don’t and that is okay. It can be discouraging to then read bloggers who seem to never have this issue and work out everyday. I start feeling abnormal! Thanks for putting it out there that it is ok to be normal.

  17. I can definitely relate! Some weeks I make it five days, some weeks I only make it three, but that’s okay!

  18. I’m a personal trainer and sometimes I don’t like to go to the gym! But when I work I go in the AM… best time to go :) Thanks for making a relatable post!!

  19. kepotts says:

    Sometimes I wake up extremely exhausted & remember reading your post from yesterday & realized it’s ok to reset the alarm for another 2 hours. Thank you for being average & showing us all it’s doable :)

  20. My workout trend is like a sinking ship!! I’m trying to get back in it…although school and a baby make it somewhat hard. Who would have thought?! I’d like to also add that eating chocolate chips specifically (vs. food in general) is a mighty fine reason in my opinion to skip the gym. Soon followed by red wine. Welcome to my evening tonight. Thankyouverymuch!

  21. This is SO me right now. I have a really difficult time with motivation in the winter months :/ Spring cannot come soon enough :)

  22. Betty says:

    Thank you for this post! I just stumbled upon your blog and this is exactly the kind of week I’ve had…and I’ve felt so guilty about slacking on my workouts…but I do need to remember that this is ok from time to time! Have a great weekend. I’m looking forward to reading more!

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