So Very Married

My wedding was the biggest, happiest most exciting day of my life.

I was finally marrying the man who started making my life complete almost five years ago. It meant that I had snatched up the person who would be by my side forever.

It also meant that he and I were the center of attention for about a year of our lives. Neither of us are attention hogs, but at times it was nice. There was always something to talk about, something to plan, something to look at.

As much I feel silly admitting it – being The Bride became a very real part of my identity.

How could it not? It was such a big, exciting, life-changing role that I was taking on. It was no longer ever going to be “me” – it was going to be “us.” An idea that made (and still makes) my heart smile.

When all was said and done, the dancing was over and the guests had gone home – it really was just us. No phone calls to ask about the seating chart, no excited texts from my bridesmaids, no more cupcake meetings. It was just us.

Both of us, at different times, had an oddly sad moment of “Wow – it’s really over.” The day you’ve dreamt about and planned for for over a year was over in done in a matter of hours. That life milestone had come and gone.

I hear this is a normal feeling to experience for a newlywed couple. And then I thought “Well of course we feel this way! We were at the top of the top, it’s only natural to feel a decline of sorts when you’re headed back down to put your feet on the ground.” And that helped the “sad” feeling make sense.

That moment of sadness lasted briefly. Then we realized “Wow – we made it through that huge production! Now we get to be normal and just be married!!”

And oh, we’re so very married :)


*All photo credit goes to Aimee Susanah Photography*


  1. says

    I saw this on facebook! Congrats lady!!!!!!! I love your dress & veil…too beautiful!

    So happy for you both. I love the sparkler idea. again, congrats!!

  2. says

    Congrats!!! You look so amazing and you guys are so cute! I love the bridesmaids yellow shoes & flowers with the blue dresses! I never thought about it before but that sad feeling afterwards totally makes sense. I like your perspective on it.

  3. Dana P says

    OMG. Stunning!!! You look breathtaking in your wedding pictures!! SO SO SO happy that you and Cory got married.

  4. says

    :) we felt that way too after our wedding. But every year (both of them) on our anniversary we relive it. Sometimes we go through pictures, and this year while we were flying back from Vancouver, I turned to my hubby constantly and said.. hey at this time two years ago, we were …… fill in the blanks :) it’s loads of fun :)

    YAY to being married, and yes I agree with everyone you looked amazing :)

  5. says

    beautiful photos!! I didn’t really get that “crash” feeling i was just a nervous wreck on my wedding day (sad, i know) so i was soo relieved when it was over and soo excited for what was to come!

  6. says

    Wah, you make such a picture perfect bride!! Just gorgeous!

    I was a bridesmaid for two of my best friend’s wedding and they both had the same ‘wow, all that planning and it’s over so quickly’ feeling? But you’re right – now it’s truly just you two and that’s what everything was all about! :)

  7. says

    Oh my gosh…this post made me oh so excited for my upcoming wedding!!! Honestly, I can’t wait for the “just us” part of our lives to begin, but I’m enjoying the “I’m the bride ride” so far!

  8. crystal coppel says

    I LOVE your wedding pictures!!! So beautiful!! Im getting married in June so it has been so much fun to hear you talk about it and finally see the pictures. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride! I loved your hair!!! I want to wear yellow shoes with my dress (our colors are yellow and white) so I have to ask……where did you find the yellow shoes for the bridesmaids?? Hope to see more pictures!!! Just beautiful!!!!!! :)))))

  9. crystal coppel says

    Oh and that last photo is priceless. Just perfect. Love it! Very very special! They were all awesome pictures though lol!

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