Slightly MIA

My morning routine is simple.

Cory and I grumble and roll out of bed at 5:21, don’t say anything to each other as we get ready, only saying “I love you. Have a good workout.” as I scoot out the door at 5:28.

I arrive to Body Pump between 5:37 and 5:38, depending on my luck with traffic lights. Most of the time, Emily is there waiting for me and she’s already set up our stuff. When she is not there, I lash out on a social media forum.

I then come home, shower and then take the dog out before sitting down to enjoy a bowl of oatmeal.

This is what I do.

Every morning.

As you can see, having a routine schedule is very important to me.

The thing is, for the past two months, Cory and I have been out of town almost every weekend. We’re doing fun things – but we’re busy. 

Laundry is piled up, my kitchen is a disaster, my grocery shopping schedule has been SO thrown off, my blogging has lagged – and I’m tired.

I have so many things to share on the blog, but I haven’t found the time or the way to do so. I’m working on it. Things have been crazy lately, and when I get home, blogging isn’t what I want to do. 

There, I said it. (And look, the sky didn’t fall!)

But life ebbs and flows, and before you know it, funny life-update posts will come your way!


(Like my reaction to almost having to hold a baby for the first time in my life this weekend.)

I know, you’re just sitting there hitting the refresh button, right? 😉


  1. says

    I am going through the same exact thing! And I actually also headed to body pump this morning! Where do you take the class? I also live in Richmond and go to the RAC. I worked this past weekend and will work through this week until Friday and have been overwhelmed with life that I just cant find it in me to post! Maybe your post will give me some motivation!

  2. Patricia Crute says

    Well, Colleen, as the saying goes “life is what happens while you are busy making plans” (substitute whatever activity fits at the end). As someone old enough to be your mama :), let me just say that I too like to keep life nice and tidy and organized and on routine. However, I can also say after many years of experience, that letting some of it roll will be okay. You will be okay. I promise. There will always be laundry, piles, work to do, and words to write. Things ebb and flow, just ride the waves. Carpe diem. :) (P.S. It was so good to see you and Cory at the wedding!! You two are awesome!)

    • Colleen says

      Well said, Mrs. Crute!! Thank you! And it was great seeing you at the wedding – you throw on heck of a party! :)

  3. says

    I have missed you! My routine is a complete mess living in NYC. It has taken me a year to figure out that I can’t walk out of the grocery store with a costco size load and expect to make my walk home. Not happening. I learned that I have to be a one to two meal purchaser which is very hard to get used to. But I continue to live, learn and still have fun…so it is worth it.

  4. says

    The fact that you’re too busy to blog means you’re out in the real world, living your life! And that makes me like your blog so much more. Every time you blog, you write with a purpose (even if it’s to tell us you’re MIA) and I have so much respect for that. I would rather read your updates once a month than read about someone’s breakfast every single day. Your writing is hilarious, your blog is fantastic, and you seem like an amazing person. So thank you for not giving up, but also enjoy not blogging!

    • Colleen says

      Georgia, I read your comment on my phone and didn’t bother with responding (it takes forever) but I want you to know it really made my day. Thanks so much!!

  5. says

    I totally know what you mean! Last summer we had people on our couch or were traveling from the middle of July to the middle of September. While it was super fun, yes, it got to be a lot. I realized that I need weekends at home to relax and get things done. So I actually had to create a rule at the beginning of this year that I wouldn’t make plans for out-of-town guests or travel more than two weekends a month. It’s helped me set boundaries and create balance. And on the months where I was like “well, I can’t miss x, y, or z, I’ll just break the rule” it wasn’t pretty.

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