Simone France Travel Kit (Give Away!) CLOSED

Guys. I’m really excited about today’s post.

A while back, I was sent some Simone France products – the “French Collection” to be exact – and I fell in love almost instantly. Which I so eloquently (read: not really) shared in a video blog.

After I ran out of the products that were sent to me, I went ahead a spent my OWN MONEY on the stuff, because I realized I could not live without them.

I kid you not – these products have changed my life. I don’t have naturally great skin. I get gross breakouts and I have dark spots on my face where old zits once ruined my days.

Real attractive, I know.

But since using Simone France products, I don’t wear face make-up. Like, ever.

Clearly not a model, but I do feel confident about my skin!

So you can imagine how freaking excited I was when I got the news that Simone France wanted to partner with me to help spread the word about these fantastic products.

Clearly I was quite giddy when my first package arrived, just in time for my weekend summer trips.

Yes, the perfect little Simone France Travel Kit.

The kit includes the following travel-sized products:

  • The Sandwich morning cleansing routine I use this every day. Life changer.
  • Touch and Glow evening cleaning routine I use this every night. Removes dirt and oil without over-drying
  • Instant Radiance exfoliating treatment I use this once or twice a week. I hate to be redundant, but it really does make your skin instantly radiant.
  • Treatment mask for your skin type I have oily skin, so I use the French Clay Mask immediately following the Instant Radiance treatment, and it works wonders.
  • Travel soap dish Crucial. Beforehand, I was using a ziplock baggy for my soap when I traveled and it was a fucking mess.

It’s perfect, because having to lug around a normal-sized skin care routine takes up a good deal of space. With this travel kit, it’s small, all in one place, and I can grab and go!

The thing is, I’m not just bragging about having cool stuff. Lucky for YOU, the generous people at Simone France happen to LOVE give aways. So every time I get to try a new product, you get the chance to as well!

Fun right?!

CLOSED: To enter to win a Simone France Travel Kit for YOUR skin type, simply leave a comment telling me what kind of skin you have (oily, dry, normal, adult acne, Rosacea, etc.) 

For an additional (ie: NOT mandatory) entry: Tweet about this give away and leave a comment telling me you did so! Just be sure to include @LunchboxDiaries, @Simone_France, and a link back here!

Good luck! I’ll pick a winner on Thursday Friday!


  1. says

    I NEED TO TRY THIS! No, but seriously…my skin is probably considered “normal” – it’s not super oily but it’s not super dry either….but it’s pale which means it shows EVERYTHING – dark spots, pink spots, zits, scars, etc. I’d be interested to see how this can make me feel better about my skin too!

  2. Emily says

    I think my skin would be considered normal,..but lately it has been having freak break outs pretty frequently! I would love to try this

  3. caitlin says

    Ahh, Colleen I have always wanted to try this stuff because my skin is oily beyond repair. You face looks fabulous!

  4. Mandy says

    I have sensitive skin. I have been wanting to try the Simone France products for a long time! I, too, have a lot of old acne spots.

  5. Molly Butler says

    I have slightly dry skin! I would love to try this to see if it could help give my skin the glow dryness has always left me without!

  6. Josh Blakely says

    So perhaps I’m not the target audience for this skin care line but my skin is oily and I used to have terrible acne, the scars of which are written on my face. My wife (who would really be benefiting from the give-away) tends towards dry skin and break outs.

  7. Kate P says

    I love that Josh just did this too! I have ‘normal’ but random dry patches and then oily spots esp during the summer!

  8. Sarah B. says

    I’m always looking for skin products that work well! I haven’t found one I’m in love with yet. I have acne around my chin that can get bad but other than that my skin is normal to slightly dry.

  9. Kate says

    My skin’s normal to slightly oily. I feel like all the sweating while working out, while great for my body, isn’t always the best for my face… Always looking for fabulous skin care products to help with this!

  10. Shannon says

    I have normal to dry skin. I still haven’t found the face products that are perfect for me so I would love to try this!

  11. says

    I’ve got pretty normal skin, but for a 33 year old, I still get the occasional breakout, and sometimes I feel my skin lacks a nice youthful glow. I’ve been using Bliss and Kiehls for years, but I’m really intrigued by a new option!

  12. Rachel says

    Your skin is always glowing and your description sounds great – I’d love to try these products! I would say that my skin is normal/dry.

  13. says

    I’ve been so curious about this product ever since you began raving about it on your blog! I have normal(?) skin, but it tends to be on the sensitive side. The extent of my beauty products are soap and water, so I could probbbbably use an upgrade 😉

  14. Stacey says

    I would LOVE to try this line of skin care. I have been dealing with skin problems since college and I would love to find something that truly makes me feel confident in my own skin. My skin is similar to yours as it has some dark spots from previous skin issues.

  15. Allison says

    This stuff looks great! I have combination skin–oily in the t-zone but dry in the other areas. I’ve always had awful acne–I’ve been on Accutane THREE times (I kid you not) and it’s now off limits for me for the remainder of my acne-cursed life (apparantly there’s a limit as to how many times you can take it before, I dunno….your body just explodes maybe? So now I’ve resorted to the oh-so-overhyped Proactive. It’s helping a little, but not much. I’d love to try this since it seems so much more natural. I’m glad it’s working for you! Clear skin can absolutely change your life.

  16. Bethany says

    Hi I’m Bethany, and I have crap skin. cue support group “Hiiii Bethanyyy” I would love to try out Simone France!!!

  17. Laura says

    I have normal to oily skin with the occasional breakout. I would love to have the confidence to not wear any face makeup! Thank you for the chance…I would love to try this product!

  18. says

    I have normal to oily skin with some scars & the occasional breakout. I would looove to try this (especially since your skin looks so great!)

  19. Kathleen Randolph says

    I have adult acne (unfortunately). I have tried the Simone France products and love them, but I do not have the travel kit! Thanks for the awesome review.

  20. Amy Rock says

    This sounds amazing, I would love to try this! I’m probably considered normal or combination. I’m not super oily but not super dry and tend to have more oil in the t-zone…whatever that makes me!

  21. says

    I think I’d have adult acne above all else. I can’t remember the last time my face didn’t have blemishes on it! Maybe this is what my skin needs!

  22. Chelsea says

    I have normal to dry skin. I have been searching for something for the longest time! I also have (as you put it) “braille face” and would love something that actually cleared it up!

  23. Paula says

    Adult Acne – which is NOT FAIR. There should be a cut-off age because you should NOT have to worry about wrinkles and acne at the same time!!! And I just started using Simone France and LOVE it so far. But I don’t have everything yet – and the travel pack would be awesome. I’m away all week for work and my full-size stuff is taking up a bunch of room!

  24. Anna M says

    I have constant tiny acne on my chin… must be from resting my face in my hands when I’m bored at work…. bummer.

  25. Ashley W says

    I would love to try this! I have adult acne that waited until my early twenties to appear. I have tried everything on the market and nothing seems to help.

  26. Carly says

    I would love to try these products! I have normal to slightly oily skin, and its always hard to find products that aren’t too drying!

  27. says

    My skin isn’t super oily or dry but it’s really sensitive and I’ve struggled with breakouts since I was about 16. I would be so beyond thrilled to try a product that someone truly believes in!

  28. says

    Wow, looks awesome! I’m always experimenting with different skin and anti-aging products. I have combination skin… oily in the t-zones and dry on the forehead and cheeks. I just have to be complicated, right?!

  29. Laura says

    I have oily skin with a lovely side order of adult acne. This would be great to win, I’ve been wanting to try Simone France!

    I tweeted too!

  30. Alyssa says

    I have combination skin. I already use Simone France and love the products, but it would be very helpful to have the travel set!

  31. says

    I’m not sure if the giveaway applies to me (I’m in Canada), but I’m definitely interested as your skin definitely looks great!
    My skin type varies between Sensitive and Combination.

    If nothing else, I’ll have to keep my eyes out for these products! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Lindsay says

    Your skin really is amazing! I think I need to invest in these products! I would love to try them first though so I have dry/normal skin.

  33. Emily says

    I’M SO HAPPY! I’ve been lusting after this stuff ever since you first blogged about it. I have never had a successful skin routine and I’ve been spending so much money that I’ve almost given up. This is like a shining beacon of hope for me.

    Anyway, I have weird COMBINATION skin, mostly oily but very dehydrated. Thanks!

  34. Lisa Holland says

    I have had preteen,teen acne, into young adult acne! It’s an everyday thing requiring constant re application of makeup to cover it all up. I would LOVE to try this product in hopes that it would be the first system to actually work for me!

  35. Pooja says

    I have dry sensitive skin, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about these products would love to use it myself. Love the blog btw :-)

  36. Anie U says

    I have sensitive skin that tends to lean toward the oily side. It’s usually hard to find products that work for both of these conditions!

  37. Jess Romine says

    Ah I have combination skin but this sad sad intern veterinarian salary makes me unable to commit to buying Simone France for myself! I’d love to try some for free!

  38. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’m actually getting a travel system in a few days, and I can’t wait. I love love love these products – and I”m upset that I can’t use one of the masks right now because it has salicylic acid in it (no no for pregnancy). I’m looking forward to when I can use that stuff again!

  39. says

    I’ve always battled acne. Ugly. Gross. Pimples. That of course love to come for a visit multiple times a month. I’ve tried over the counter stuff and no luck. I’ve just started on a product line called Jafra, and love it! BUT I am always up for trying a new brand. Especially when someone I trust uses it!

  40. says

    I have heard such great things about these products! I have combination skin, usually break out around my chin around ahem, that time of the month. Blah!

  41. kendra Y says

    Normal skin and I would love to try this expensive stuff!! I have heard about it being awesome multiple times now!

  42. Casey says

    I tried to comment earlier, but I’m not sure it worked, so sorry if this is a double comment! BUT I have normal skin!!

  43. Jen says

    I would love to try these products! I have had acne FOREVER and nothing works. Anything is worth a shot!

  44. Melissa says

    My face is normal to dry. Recently my skin has been red from being so dry! I need a new face wash and would love to try this!!

  45. Katelyn Rose says

    Ugh I’ve moved to Utah and now I have dry skin with a few oily spots. Such a pain. And of course, the occasional zit here and there. I can’t even imagine a day without wearing face makeup….that would be a dream!!!

  46. Nikki says

    I’ve been looking at this stuff for weeks and was afraid to pull the trigger for the price tag! My skin used to be super oily but now is definitely transitioning into combination/normal. I would love to pair down my makeup routine by just having better skin!

  47. Monica says

    *sigh* I have oily skin and would LOVE to try this line of products! I have always been jealous of radiant skin girls- I want to join that club!!!!

  48. says

    I tend to have oily skin that loves to break out when I get stressed. With senior year of college coming up and wedding planning going on, I feel stressed just about all the time!.

  49. says

    I would love to use this. I have always struggled with acne and it seems I cannot find a skin care routine that works and I have tried almost everything. It’s a bad cycle with acne, all the makeup to cover it up yet it’s so bad for the skin. I’d love to be makeup free ..hopefully one day! :)


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