Seven Things [I'm Loving]

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Being in the workplace now, I feel I have a legitimate reason to celebrate this fine day :)

I love Fridays because they’re so laid back, and my post will reflect that today, too! Renee tagged me in a fun little “Seven Random Things” post, and I’m supposed to write seven random things that I’m loving right now.

#1 CORY - I like to think I’m pretty well put together, but sometimes I can be a hot mess. He’s the one person I can ugly cry in front of, tell my deepest thoughts to, and share my fears and dreams with. He’s also the person with whom I laugh of my life. Without him, I’m not much ;)

 #2 BodyPUMP – You guys saw my results thus far. Seriously, this class is where it’s at. I look forward to going three times a week, and I enjoy the accomplished soreness that follows. I am constantly impressing myself in that class, which is probably another reason I stick around.

Warm up: 6 AM!

#3 Instagram – I haven’t taken many pictures yet, but I have taken the obligatory self portrait, so that counts for something right? Let’s mutually follow each other, shall we? I’m @lunchboxdiaries :)

#4 Work – I love, love, love my new job and I feel so productive. This is the first time I’m not just working for a paycheck. I’m in a good place and I’m learning new things every day.

#5 The sock bun for short hair! Courtney posted about her first sock bun experience yesterday and Alyssa posted about said bun a few days ago – and frankly, I was jealous. My hair grows at the rate of molasses – but I wanted a perfect bun, too! Wahh! So I tried it, and obviously my hair couldn’t cover all of the sock. So I cut the sock in half, and it worked!

#6 McDonald’s coffee. IMO, it’s simply the best. I like it hot, with a pump of sugar free vanilla. It’s my Friday treat ;)

#7 Snacky Lunches Lunches like these are my favorite because I get to eat several different things. Just having a sandwich doesn’t do it for me. Also, this type of lunch takes longer to eat, which is always a plus!

Have a wonderful weekend, folks! Catch ya later! ;)

Let’s chat – What’s one thing you’re loving lately?

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28 Responses to Seven Things [I'm Loving]

  1. Emily says:

    THE SOCK BUN IS MY FAVORITE!!!!! It’s a go to when I don’t feel like actually doing anything with my hair before work :)

  2. your snacky lunch looks delicious! cheese and crackers are where its at!

  3. Lauren Kennedy says:

    Ughhh I have like a foot of hair and can’t figure out how to make the sock bun work for me!! I’m jealousss.

  4. I always forget about McDonald’s coffee – way cheaper than my Starbucks addiction, too!

  5. I am addicted to Instagram! I love it :)

  6. I love BodyPump too! I take at least 2 classes a week!

  7. Katy says:

    Lately I can’t get enough dark chocolate almond milk! So delicious especially after a good workout!

  8. Instagram is the shiznit and I don’t care how much of a wanna-be photographer/hipster it makes me look like – I EFFING LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT!

  9. Congrats on the sock bun! :)
    It looks like we both use the same amount of weights for BP – awesome.
    Your snack plate is SO right up my alley.
    I’m totally diggin’ Instagram.
    I’ve had horrible luck with Micky D’s coffee.
    And I love the photo of you and Cory.
    Ok, I’m finished now :)

    • Colleen says:

      Thank you! I was so determined after I saw your post!
      I tried to use a big plate for the chest track this morning. I am currently regretting that decision.
      Snack plates are where it’s at.
      Instagram makes my dull photos look cool, so I adore it.
      BAD LUCK WITH Micky D’s coffee?! Come to VA. I’ve never had a bad cup! (Totally legit reason to make a trip)
      Thanks! He’s a handsome guy.
      Have a great weekend! :)

  10. I’m loving patio weather. This time of year is the best. Agree?

  11. Snacky lunches are my fave! Totes agree that a sandwich isn’t sufficient- plus, a sandwich using GF bread is tiny, I’d need like 3 to be full haha :P

    What I’m currently loving: unsweetened coconut, oats w/ cottage cheese, and egg pizzas!

    • Colleen says:

      I use silly 80 calorie slices of bread, which is stupid because then I just want to eat two. What’s the point? Hahaha :)

  12. I’m glad that you’re loving your new job! I started a new job, as well. This was my first week, and I love it already!

  13. Hi lady, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Lovely Blog award in my post today! Hope your enjoying your weekend!

  14. Body pump definitely gets you results!!! i lovveee it! and i love mcdonalds ice coffees! their my favorite treat!

  15. Caryln says:

    I love that the sock bun is coming back, I used to do it all the time in middle school! haha Lately I am loving Winston-Salem weather…it is absolutely perfect right now!

  16. i love snacky lunches too!! great list! i think hummus and watching the sunset would be on mine! thanks for sharing! love your blog!

  17. I love snacky lunches liek that sometimes! :) YUM!

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