Seriously, Downton?!

This post contains Downton spoilers. (aka: MOM, DON’T READ THIS POST.)

I have an obsessive personality.

Interests tend to be all-or-nothing for me. When I love something (i.e. not someone), I love it wholly and intensely – until it bores me or something better comes along.

Along this same line, I get intensely attached to book and TV characters. You know, like, I talk about them as if they’re real people.

Because they are.

This brings me to the travesty that was the Downton Abbey season finale last night.



I knew it was going to happen. I held my breath every time Matthew came on screen. But when he made it back to Mary in the hospital, I stupidly breathed a sigh of relief, Oh thank GOD. I was worrying for nothing. 

Then, with horror, I realized there were approximately 7 minutes left of the show. When Mary and Matthew started that lovey-dovey foreshadowing conversation, I knew he was a goner, and I braced myself.

My question: Why didn’t he just TELEPHONE the family?!


If you don’t watch the show, this post will mean nothing to you. But for the Downton fans,  you’ll understand why I’m spending the day mourning of a fictional character.



  1. says

    I know how you feel. In the back of my mind I keep thinking he survived the crash. Someone will find him and he will be fine, but I know it’s not true… I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Sybil

  2. says

    I’m JUST finishing season 1 of Downton, so needless to say, I skipped to the comments section to write this haha. It’s like a strange addiction. The first episode, I was like, “Ok, ya it’s good.” But then, once you keep watching, it slowly sucks you in. HOW DOES IT DO THAT?!

  3. says

    Yep – my thoughts exactly. Did you know that when this aired in Britain it was on CHRISTMAS EVE?! Imagine that ending the day before Christmas! I hope that things lighten up a bit for Season 4, they have put us through enough 😉

  4. says

    Seriously. I knew it was coming too but part of me hoped it was just a rumor and the picture I saw was from something else… Naive? Maybe a little. I will be wearing black today, in mourning. :)

  5. says

    I just finished the episode, and I knew it was going to happen since he said he wanted this to be his last season on the show. But rally!?!? Not even cool. I was tempted to throw my phone at the TV but I figured John would get pissed if I broke the TV. ::sigh:: At least there’s an heir to Downton?

  6. says

    I knew he was doomed when they were in the hospital…and especially when they showed him smiling while he was driving. This was quite the dramatic (and depressing!) season. They better bring some happiness next season!

  7. says

    1. It made me SO mad!!!! And that’s really what we’re going to be left with to hold on to for a YEAR?!
    2. I’m still crying over Sybil.
    3. They are 2 for 2 with having horrible deaths after the birth of a baby. I think they should all use contraception from now on because they don’t have good luck in that aspect. If Anna gets pregnant and dies (Mean Girls reference, anyone?!) I’ll FREAK OUT!!

  8. says

    I just watched it (and skipped your post until now). I knew it was coming, but my gosh, so sad.

    Also sad? The fact that their cousin’s name is Shrimpy. He’s a grown ass man with an estate and his name is Shrimpy.

  9. says

    Even though I knew he wasn’t coming back next season, I thought they might figure out another way for him to leave the show besides killing him off so he could return later if he really wanted to. But there’s no bringing a man back from the grave, unless you’re a really bad soap opera.

  10. Cindy says

    Ahhhh! I thought maybe I was crazy for being so forlorn all day after watching the season finale!!!!! I AM SO SAD!!! Ugh, they were the best couple

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