Scenes from the Weekend

The weekend started off in Richmond with searching for a place to live. You know, because we’re moving in 12 days.

Saturday was spent in Georgetown at CB2 (I’m obsessed. Find one near you!) and Sprinkles.

I ended up with the Salty Caramel cupcake. I was quite pleased with my decision.

We’re on a roll with places we want to eat at before we leave, so that night we hopped over to Thai Basil. The owner, at this location, beat Bobby Flay in a throw down :) I can’t even tell you what I got, as I couldn’t pronounce 90% of the menu – but it was delicious!

We have a Sunday tradition of going to Mass and then grabbing some breakfast. Yesterday we ended up at Manhattan Bagel and I ordered an egg and cheese sandwich on an everything bagel. SO GOOD!

Sunday dinner was a homemade recipe that one of my classmates gave me. It was a Rosemary Lemon Chicken dish that was really good! I’ll have the recipe up for you all shortly! :)

And of course, Campbell was trying to send me the message that I should not go to the gym – rather, I should sit on the floor and pet him all day.

Now I’m off to start my last week at work! So strange. Have a great Monday, my friends!

Let’s chat – What was the best thing you ate all weekend? I’ve got to say I loved every bite of that Salty Caramel cupcake from Sprinkles, even if I did have a sugar headache afterwards 😉


  1. says

    I’ve never had a Sprinkles cupcake before! Looks delicious! And good luck with the house hunting process…it’s so daunting at first, but just remember, everything works out in the end!

    And the best part of my weekend?! Lots of wedding things checked off my list!

  2. says

    Did you find any places you liked? I love looking for homes :) Too bad homes are not like cars and you get a different one every 5-10 years lol
    That cupcake looks great!
    Campbell seems to enjoy laying on your workout clothes hehe

  3. says

    Is that first picture a glance at an apartment? It looks huge! I love the brick wall and fireplace! I gave up sweets for Lent, so I spent some of my weekend whining over the fact that I couldn’t eat the cookies at the food tasting for our wedding. It happens :). But…I enjoyed the food, and we chose a menu for our wedding!

  4. says

    Your weekend eats all sound so good! I love bagel shop sandwiches–they seriously hit the spot, especially when paired with piping hot coffee!

    That’s crazy that you are moving so soon! I hope you post photos of your new place–that one with the brick wall looks awesome!

  5. Alyssa @ fit and fun in third says

    A salted caramel cupcake??? Sign me up. I ate nothing this weekend that could compare, so I won’t even bother…. Although I drank my fair share of red wine that wasn’t too bad!

  6. says

    I had an Elvis cupcake from Crumbs (that are so big I have to split into two sittings), but the peanut butter-banana mixture with those little PB mini chips on top was sooo good! Guess it was a cupcakey kind of weekend.
    My kitty likes to lay on my life too. Attention starved little thing:)

  7. says

    I’m in GA for work and Sunday I ate at Zaxby’s! Ever been? It’s a chicken chain here in the south and it is DELISH! I had a buffalo chicken salad that was TO DIE FOR. Combine that with their fried pickles and I was one happy girl! Not healthy, but darn tasty.

    That pic from the house in Richmond looks so freaking cute! So rustic and trendy…you could Pinterest the shit outta that place!

  8. says

    You’re moving? And in only 12 days?! I totally missed that… Best of luck with the move!

    Ironically, my momma and I were talking about cupcakes this weekend and said we needed to make a trip to Sprinkles 😛 The best thing I ate all weekend probs was a gigantic salad bar creation with a fresh baguette!

  9. says

    Can’t wait to see where you end up! how exciting!

    this weekend I had some seriously good oatmeal. old fashioned, with raisins, carmalized bananas and coconut butter!

  10. Elisabeth @ CHAARG says

    officially obsessed with you for a few reasons. 1. SPRINKLES. not only did you go to my favorite cupcake shop ever, but you got salty carmel – which is my FAVORITE icecream flavor at jenis (rated best ice cream in the united states..seriously. in good old columbus, ohio!) 2. your thai salad – reminds my of the thai crunch salad at cheesecake factory, literally my fav salad ever, even though it’s super high in cal. i make a healthier version at home :) 3. mass :) 4. you got your bkfst sandwich on an EVERYTHING bagel. all time favorite. 5. i have a black lab too!

    • Colleen says

      We’re TWINS!! :) How old is your black lab? Campbell is 5 and he’s a rescue lab – we love him so much!! :)

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