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Good morning from my new study spot! I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: getting out of the house to get work done is so productive.

This whole not-being-on-a-work-schedule-schedule is shaping up to be pretty darn nice. I woke up bright and early to start my day. I had intentions of visiting the gym, but I seemed to have pinched a nerve in my back while packing/lifting boxes. I’m experiencing quite a bit of discomfort, so I thought it’d be best to rest.

Speaking of packing…

Our lives are once again wrapped in newspaper and taped up in cardboard boxes. We have nothing on the walls, barely anything in our closet, and next to no cooking supplies left out.

Come on, Friday.

Speaking of Friday…

I’ve found myself to be quite anxious about the move. I’m anxious about the actual logistics of the day in addition to leaving my hometown. So because I’m nervous, I can only think to do the one thing that never fails to calm me down.

Make a list.

So here is a Richmond To-Do Wish List.


1. Experience the greatness that is The Black Sheep.

From The Black Sheep Facebook page

2. Go on some weekend runs down Monument Avenue.

3. Partake in festivities surrounding Shamrock the Block, Beer and Bourbon Festival, the Ukrop’s 10k and Broad Appetite.

4. Spend a day down by the James River.

5. I’m hoping to join a gym for the first time ever!

6. Spending a day perusing Carytown – and possibly stopping by Carytown Cupcakes to make sure everything’s on the up-and-up :)

7. Have regular dates with Jamie and Emily, as well as seeing many of our other college friends that live down there.

8. Happy Hour at Tobacco Company. $1 rail drinks from 8 – 9 on Saturdays, thank you very much.

9. Taking advantage of 804 RVA. It’s an ingenious idea! Freelancers to get together and essentially co-work, rather than being at home and getting distracted by cleaning, walking the dog, the contents of your fridge…

10. Exploring my new surroundings and having a good time! šŸ˜€

Let’s chat – What’s your favorite thing to do where you currently live?


  1. says

    Black Sheep is the one place in Richmond I actually crave. It is amazing. Beer Bourbon BBQ is a great time… I think? Been a couple times, haha.

    • Colleen says

      I think you and Cory are going to get along famously. He’s been yapping about The Black Sheep since the day we made the decision to accept his job. He went once – a year ago? And he still dreams about it frequently :)

  2. says

    Exploring somewhere new is so fun! We just moved to NC last summer and unfortunately since our move was sooo expensive we didnt get to do a lot before winter hit so I am looking forward to going to the lake, hiking, and biking this coming summer and checking out all those types of festivities around here!

    • Colleen says

      Thanks, Ashlee! Yeah – I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little scary. But hopefully it’ll be worth it! :)

  3. says

    My town is big but it’s mainly due to being a college town. In the summer the popluation drops by 20-30,000!! I also live next to the North Sides biggest park with a huge walking/jogging trail so I literally run from my house to the park which hosts a lot of the citys 5k’s too. :)

    Our Downtown square is a jewel. With the historic courthouse in the middle and lots of unique shops and places to eat we love to go walk around it day or night. Evans parents also live on the square so we get spoiled with that.

    We also have the Arts and Jazz festival every April which is a must do!

  4. says

    I love to walk around downtown Fredericksburg and check out all of the antique stores, knick-knack shops, and yummy eateries! It’s similar to Carytown just not as large and not quite as ecclectic!

    P.S. Tobacco Company is a fun place to get your dance on!!!

  5. Cathy Gasparis says

    We will give you time to get settled in your new place, then your Mom and I are coming down to spend the day! We want to go to all of the above places! Well, maybe not the running part!

  6. says

    I love everything about this list (especially #7). But what I enjoy more is that I can do all of this WITH you!!!!!!!! Ive been in richmond forever and there are STILL places that I want to explore…HURRY UP FRIDAY!!!!!!

    P.S. – I will be at your new apartment promptly at 5:15pm on Friday…be ready!

  7. says

    mmm, those cupcakes look tasty! my favorite thing to do in my city is to hop on a bus, and ride around for hours looking for tiny bookstores and cafes. That or long walks when it’s sunny!

  8. says

    I agree–getting out of the house does WONDERS for my productivity. I think it is because I’m away from distractions such as the laundry that needs to be folded and my desk that needs to be organized.

  9. says

    Lists never fail! Having recently moved I definitely miss some of my hometown favorites, but I quickly collected a whole new list of loves. Again with the lists! Oy vey :) Looks like you are a packing champion there!

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