Red Wine & New Sneaks

I GOT TO SLEEP IN TODAY! 😀 It was glorious, friends.

I have a fun day planned with my BFF Jamie. We haven’t seen each other in three (?!) weeks. It’s disgusting. We’re having lunch today and playing catch up.

Yesterday I had my volunteer training, and Cory was kind enough to plan dinner so I didn’t have to think about it. He’s the best. He even bought a bottle of wine for us to enjoy while we were making dinner. We’re NOT wine-o’s at all. We’ve been together for almost five years and this is the first bottle of wine that we’ve ever purchased (like, not as a gift for someone else). All you wine lovers out there, pick your jaws off the ground 😉

I really enjoy white wine over red. But this was red, and I’m trying to be more “well rounded” so I drank it. I’m trying to acquire the taste :) While I was working on “acquiring,” Cory grilled up some Cajun chicken with a cilantro/yogurt sauce with veggies and a salad on the side. It was great!!

After dinner we went out to Dick’s on the hunt for some new sneaks. I had mentioned my awful shin and ankle pains, and many of you suggested new shoes. I figured that was the problem, so out we went! Let me preface this with the fact that I don’t like spending money on myself. I’m frugal and I’m proud of it :) It takes a lot for me to go out and buy something for myself. I was standing in line at Dick’s with sweaty palms because I knew I was about to drop $120 on a pair of shoes and a sports bra. It’s a problem.

But I love the shoes! They’re so comfy!

I also love how flexible they are!

I wanted to try them out at the gym this morning. I was being a huge diva because it was pouring and I didn’t want to get my new shoes (or myself) wet. But I sucked it up and walked over to the gym, only to find that it was locked! The card access is never activated. Sonofabitch. I walked back to Cory’s apartment and threw in the towel. Sorry guys, I’m only human :) (The shoes felt nice of the walk over, though!)

When I came back I made myself a nice smoothie :) Half a banana, some frozen blueberries, one frozen strawberry, 3/4 cup skim milk, ~1 tbsp cocoa powder and half a scoop of strawberry Whey protein powder.

Now I’ve got to get the ball rolling and shower so I can look presentable for my lunch date 😉 I hope you have a wonderful day!

Let’s chat – What brand are your running shoes? White vs red wine? Do you have a favorite smoothie concoction? I need some new ideas!


  1. says

    i LOVE wine :) haha i actually got my boyfriend into it. i love white but if you anything with a heavy pasta or meat red is def the way to go :) love your post this morning! have a great time with your bff! xo

  2. LK says

    White all the way! I’m a complete snob & refuse to touch the red. I just know what I like! Sorry that I’m not sorry. :)

  3. says

    Ahh i love your new kicks!! And I totally agree about wine being an acquired taste. But after a few years I am a red wine girl all the way :) Looks like Cory cooked a delicious dinner!

  4. says

    I must try that smoothie! My running shoes of choice are Mizunos. After logging numerous miles in Nike, Asics, Reebok, and New Balance, Mizunos were best for ME! I did go to a running store where they videoed my gait and determined my arches. Then I was shown shoes that would suit my running style (foot pronation). Sorry you could not work out. I am the same way about my shoes – they never get wet as the water could prematurely break done the fabrics.

  5. says

    I have some Nikes that I use for running and those are really comfy. Love your breakfast shake! I never make a shake for breakfast because I’d be starving 2 hours later lol

  6. says

    Right now I use New Balance, but I’m thinking of trying the Nike Frees. I’ve heard really good things about them. I also get pain in my ankles and calves. Have fun on your lunch date!!

  7. says

    I feel the same way about red wine! I always try it, wanting to like it, but usually don’t. I like white sooo much more!

    Cute shoes! I wear Mizuno Wave Nirvanas because they give me the right amount of support. I loooooove them. I went to a running store and ran on a treadmill in front of the people working there, and they helped me pick out a pair that worked best for me. It helped so much. Hopefully yours do the same!!

  8. says

    I have had my eye on these EXACT sneakers for a month now! I just haven’t been able to allow myself to spend the money on them yet so I completely understand what you are saying! I hope you love them! I may just have to treat myself. PLUS, NEW SHOES = INSTANT motivation! HAHA

    • says

      Spending money is so difficult! But I figured it was worth it because I use them every day, you know? It’s not like an $80 pair of heels that I’ll wear every so often (and be in so much pain!). And yes, they are instant motivation! 😀

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