Rain, Running and Nostalgia

Today calls for a small dose of nostalgia. Five years ago, this kid I had known for about a month, asked me to be his girlfriend. He presented me with a handmade tin-foil ring, which I still have to this day, and he told me I’d make him a pretty happy guy if I’d date him.

I liked him, and although I wasn’t sure it would last forever, I was giddy. I took the ring and said “sure!” I think it’s safe to say that that’s the best decision I’ve ever made 😉

Okay, that’s all for the mushy stuff!

When it Rains

Does anyone else get headaches? Cory told me a couple months ago that the day before it rains, there’s a big change in atmospheric pressure, and it causes many people to have headaches. Who woulda thunk it?


Yesterday I had a bangin’ headache all day long. And whadda ya know – this morning I woke up and it was pouring! Has anyone else noticed this – or did I just buy into a bull shit story?


My trip to Alyssa’s wiped me out. I’ve been exhausted since Sunday! That said, I haven’t run since Saturday, but I’m hoping that will all change after work. I have an easy 5-miler planned and I’m hoping it’ll shake me awake!


Thanks for all your tweets to Ellen over this past week! We didn’t get my mom a shout out, but she told me she had the most fabulous time. I can’t wait to watch today’s show and be on the lookout! She was in the third row, so I’m hoping I catch a glimpse :)

Let’s chat – Have you ever met a famous person? Don’t be too jealous, but I’ve met N*SYNC and Hanson.



  1. says

    ummmm i AM jealous of your celebrity run-ins!

    i’ve never actually talked to a celebrity, though i saw matthew perry in the airport once and scottie pippen gave me a thumbs up when he was driving next to me one time! :)

    my mom, on the other hand, is a celebrity magnet. she sat next to jerry springer on a plane once and rode in the elevator with hulk hogan!

  2. says

    I wish boy bands weren’t a thing of the past–I loved them all! I had met a few random celebrities (Tyler Hilton, Matt Nathanson, Ryan Cabrera) before going to NYC for Fashion Week, but that paled in comparison. Holy famous people overload! Of course, I only talked to the people I was interested in, aka Kim Kardashian, the Olsen twins, Mandy Moore, and stayed far away from people like Lindsay Lohan (she was a train wreck!!).

  3. says

    did he ask you to be his girlfriend for your intense love of football? 😉

    and well, ya know, I did have those couple of days when I worked out with Justin Timberlake.. 😉 heh.

    I’m also still recovering from the weekend. goodness gracious, are we getting too old for this?

    say no, cause that was too much fun.

    • Colleen says

      Yeah, he said he loved me so much that we could live out my dream and have a Redskins themed wedding.

      Oh, you gotta hate life’s disappointments 😉

  4. says

    Congrats on finding your love! SO cute!
    I’ve met Bernadette Peters, Kevin Spacy, Mark Curry (Hanging with Mr. Cooper), Robert Sean Leonard, Macaulay Culkin, Brian Dennehy, Tony Danza, and Louis Black. I was in close proximity to Will Ferrell, but I didn’t talk to him. I met most of these people while living in the upper west side of Manhattan…..

  5. says

    I get migraines a decent amount, I even have a prescription for them. I can def understand how miserable it is to have them, especially if they’re extended over multiple days.

    I’ve met a few famous ppl working in a luxury hotel. My favorites would be nick lachey, nkotb, bsb, Dave Matthews, Heidi Klum, Adam Brody, and Eli and Peyton Manning.

  6. Terri says

    It’s true about the atmospheric pressure affecting people with headaches. I had one yesterday as well. Happy 5 yr anniversary! I have met *NSYNC as well both as a group and separately. All very nice guys. Miss them. :(

  7. says

    Happy anniversary! I can always tell when it’s going to rain. Like clockwork, I get a sinus headache the day before. So you’re not alone on that one!

    I met Patrick Dempsey in high school. He was in a parade that I was also in, and he came over to talk to me and the other girls from my dance studio (for like a minute-but still)! I’m really really jealous that you met Hanson. Really :).

  8. says

    I sat next to Emmy Rossum one night when I was out to dinner. I was however far more interested in my waiter – good thing too! He became my boyfriend after a date the next day :) Still deeply sickeningly in love too!

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