Pre-Wedding Festivities

Hello from Kiiintucky!! It’s weird because if I look out my window, I can see Ohio, but our hotel is over a bridge that puts us in the lovely city of Newport, Kentucky.

We had a 8 and a half hour car ride yesterday, and although I rode bitch the entire ride, at least I had pretty scenery to look at!

Fancy how different things looks once you get a few hours outside of the city ;)

My family is pretty large, and we were lucky that most of us started arriving around the same time. That meant a late lunch and afternoon cocktails at a restaurant next to the hotel.

Later in the evening my aunt and uncle (the parents of the bride) hosted a cocktail and dessert party for the out of town guests. Cocktails and desserts? That sounds like my kind of party :)

Prepare for picture overload.

Too bad my cousins are ugly, right? ;)

More cousins :)

Mom and me

He makes us look good :)

Let’s not forget desserts.┬áMy hand frequented this bowl throughout the evening as well. And that sneaky carrot cake in the background was heavenly!

Okay, I’m off to spend more time with my family! I can’t believe my cousin is getting married tonight!! It’s so very exciting :)

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend filled with good food, great friends and family and lots of laughs :)



  1. says

    So this is kind of weird. My two aunts are going to a wedding in Newport, Kentucky that is today!! How weird would it be if they were at the same wedding as you!? What is your cousins name?? :)

    Hope you have a wonderful time. The scenery looks gorgeous and your family looks like a ton of fun ;) Have a blast!!

  2. says

    Hey love!!!!

    U look so beautiful!! I love your dress!! You and your cousins are beauties!!!

    congrats to your cousin!!! I wish her and her hubby the best!


  3. says

    you’re in newport/covington?! i live like ten minutes away from there! cincinnati baabbyy (:

    hahah i love the big mac bridge in the background. isn’t the great american tower gorgeous? it was designed after princess di’s crown!

    • Colleen says

      We were so close! I loved that little place :) I had no idea that that tower was designed after Princess Di’s crown! It’s so awesome!

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