One Less Lonely Girl?

Rumors were flying around on Twitter the other night.

Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez. Engaged. Could it be?!

I immediately Googled “Justin and Selena engaged?!” Yes, I lost my composure in the Google search bar. The ?! came naturally.


I then found myself looking at Google images of the outrageously good looking couple for about 15 minutes before I snapped out of it when Cory asked “Are you crying?”

I couldn’t help but think: Justin, I thought you were gonna to put me first, that you were gonna show me what I was worth. I was gonna to let you inside my world. I thought I was gonna to be one less lonely girl.

Continuing on like any normal adult, I had to share the news with the only two twenty-somethings that would be as equally affected by this news.

I can’t make this shit up.

Thank goodness I could dry my tears on a headline I read the next morning.


Praise – the – Lord

PS: If you think I’m a crazy pedophile, please refer to my Tweet from last night that I sent out as I was writing this post.


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    hahaha – I had the same reaction and my boyfriend turned to me and said “so, why would I care” and I just snapped back that he didnt understand….haha aww young love!

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