My Mom, the Champion Sportswear Fan

All my life, my mom has been this little petite woman with a slight aversion to fitness.

When I first told her that I was planning to run a half marathon, her response was not filled with pride and encouragement; no, it was “Well that sounds awful. I wouldn’t even want to drive 13 miles.”

When we’re driving and see someone running she says things like, “I wonder who’s chasing that poor man.”

I spent years asking her to workout with me, and she every time, she would literally laugh in my face.

But then out of nowhere, my mom decided that she was going to change her ways. When she asked me if I could show her “how the gym works” I felt dazed an confused.

Is this a joke? Are you making fun of me? 

No, she insisted it was, in fact, real life.  Real life it was, my friends. My mom is now something of a gym rat. She walks on the treadmill and watches Ellen. She does “the weights.” Sometimes, both in the same day.

She’s basically doing the damn thing and I could not be more proud of her. So when Champion offered to send Kate some cute workout gear for Mother’s Day, I was stoked.

She received the (surprise) package and called me saying, I’ve got something here for The Lunchbox Diaries. Why the hell did they send it here?

No, sweet mother, it’s a gift for you.


She’s the cutest. My mom adores these clothes, mainly because she’s a diva and won’t go to the gym without looking cute. And cute she looks, folks!

Champion gear makes her feel confident about stepping into the gym, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.

Kate says the clothes fit “just right” and she enjoys how she doesn’t feel bogged down by a “bulky workout clothes.” If you’re interested in copying Kate’s swag (ha) check out these shorts, shirts, and jackets.

They’re mom AND daughter approved 😉

PS – Don’t forget to join my Motivation to MOVE Challenge!!


  1. says

    Your mom looks great! Last summer I lived at home for a few months and talked my mom into going to the gym with me. Both her and my dad are big on biking during the weekends, but I explained the importance of adding weights to her routine. She’s getting so strong and has kept up her gym routine even though I moved! Just the other day she asked if I could give her some new workouts so she could switch things up in the gym. I love that I have passed the “gym bug” onto her!

  2. Ashley says

    I love it! I would say Kate could be my workout buddy, but her outfit alone would show me up in the gym!! GO KATE!

    • Colleen says

      Haha right?! I’ve gone to the gym with her a few times and I always look like such a bum compared to her!

  3. says

    i spent years trying to convert my mom – she’s always been a walker, but recently got into actually doing other things, like the weights…now she lifts more than i do!! (which is not a lot)

  4. says

    Your mom is amazing!! It was great spending time with your mom and dad this past weekend. I wish we had been able to spend time with you and Cory. Much love, Aunt Janet

  5. says

    “I wouldn’t even want to drive 13 miles” – now that made me laugh!!! I see where you get your amazing humor from, my friend!! And ya, your mom is KILLING it in that workout gear. Daaaaang girl!

  6. says

    My mom says similar things to me. “Wait, you just ran how many miles?” I wish she was into running like me…but instead we just go on walks and I encourage her to do 5k’s.

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