My Godfrey’s Experience

This weekend, one of my life dreams came true. I finally went to a drag show. When my neighbor suggested a trip to Godfrey’s I was pumped. I knew it would be like living a scene out of The Birdcage so I was obviously all about it.

diva gaga

I was one happy, dollar-waving girl on Saturday night. I can now cross shove a dollar bill in the crotch of a drag queen’s leotard off my life’s to-do list.

drag dollar

Thanks to consuming a few beverages, I can also cross motorboat a drag queen off that same list. I know, I know. I’m a filthy drunk and you can’t take me anywhere. (But at least I have fun?)

drag5Even though I totally get it, it was still difficult to wrap my head around the fact that the majority of these “ladies” live and work as men during the day. Mind = blown.

I’ll be honest with you. By the end of the night, my curiosity was becoming difficult to harness. 

drag2Like I said, my curiosity was getting the best of me, and I may or may not have asked this diva, So where do you put your penis? I mean, that’s me, guys. Just as subtle as the day is long. (And just so you know, there is lots of tape involved.)

drag1As if you couldn’t tell, I had a fantastic time. The divas were awesome (SO NICE!), the drinks were strong, and I was with wonderful company. I can’t wait to go back!




  1. says

    Awesome! Looks like so much fun! Your pics are brilliant! One of my workmates went to a drag club for a New Year’s Eve party years ago and she said it was the most fun she’s ever had! Oh and The Birdcage – now that’s a film I haven’t seen in years! Gotta love Nathan Lane!

    (I may have used too many !s in this comment!!)

  2. says

    You are my hero. I need to hang out with you because I’m the one who wants to ask those sort of questions, but wouldn’t because, well, I don’t have balls. Neither do you, I get it, but they’re at least virtually there haha

  3. says

    Oh girlfriend, in my dream world you visit Dallas and I take you to oaklawn and the “rose room” at s4 and we leave with makeup from MAC and feeling sexy from head to toe thanks to the beautiful queens who run that street.

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