Mindful Meditation

Good morning!! I hope everyone’s day is starting off on the right foot! I got in 30 minutes of cardio this morning, and that’s helped me feel like I’m starting to get back on track! :)

Mindful Meditation

Through my volunteer experience, I have learned a great deal about controlling my emotions and not letting anxiety or anger get the best of me. I don’t have an angry temperament in the slightest, but let’s be honest – sometimes this homegirl gets pissed off at little things ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week, the class instructor talked at length about the concept of mindful meditation and it really struck a cord with me.


Did you know that most of our suffering comes from our mind either reliving the past or trying to envision (read: worry about) the future?

Think about it: Most of the time, our present situations are actually pleasant. Aside from sickness and losing someone we love, our lives are pretty good. We, as normal humans, have such a difficult time keeping our minds in the present, and that’s where we slip up and cause ourselves more anxiety (or anger, or suffering) than necessary.


As a self-professed neurotic individual, I’ve been interested in meditation for a while; I even took a meditation class at the community rec center last summer in search of peace of mind. I sat in the dark with two other women while the instructor spoke with the inflection of that of a person who just received a horse tranquilizer.

She led us through a process of cleansing our organs with our mind’s eye. Give me a break, tranquilizer lady.

Needless to say – I started drooling at one point. And if I wasn’t slipping into a nap (that I paid for) my mind was racing.


It felt forced and unnatural. Why was finding an inner peace so difficult and frustrating?!

Well, I’ve come to learn that sitting in the dark and “Om, Om, Oming” the day away isn’t the only way to meditate and find some piece of mind.

Mindful mediation is partaking in any activity that requires us to beย fully present in the current moment.

  • Working out
  • Writing
  • Baking

All these things calm me and inhibit my mind from worrying. How many times have you been on a run or truckin’ away on the elliptical (or doing something you truly enjoy) and found yourself worrying?

My guess is probably zero.

I’ve been thinking about this all week. Every time I find myself getting anxious or upset, I ask myself “Is what I’m worried/angry about actually happening right now?”

It’s so surprising that it’s usually the case that I’m worrying about what might happen or what did happen in the past. If I bring myself to my present situation, I find that I realize something like –ย Hey, it’s a warm, sunny day and I’m driving to see Cory. All is good right now. And any tension or worry slips away.

It’s such a simple, yet life changing concept and I’m begging that you give it a try!

Next time you get in a tizzy just slow down and attempt to consider only the present situation that you’re in. You can be a fast-paced city girl like me and still have the ability to find yourself a sense of peace and calm without sitting cross-legged on beach listening to the sound of your breath ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s chat – What’s an activity that you do that totally calms you down?


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    This was SUCH a perfect post for me right now! I’ve been going through a lot of stuff with my family that I haven’t discussed on my blog yet cause its a long convoluted story…its definitely been festering in the back of my mind and affecting all my other actions and relationships. But I really need to learn to let those things that are worrying not also cause me to worry about all the GOOD things that I have going on. Working out definitely is my stress relief and “me” time when I’m stressed.

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    I’ve been working at trying to be more mindful as well, because I used to constantly worry about the future or mull about the past. The one thing that helps bring me back to the present moment the most is to stop myself and think “what’s wrong with life RIGHT NOW”… and the answer is usually nothing. Def. helps me get a better grip on things. Other stuff that helps is breathing exercises, running, writing, and baking ๐Ÿ˜€

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    so very true, colleen!! i’m always worrying what could be or could have been and you’re right – it’s a sunny day and I live in new york city so today is awesome no matter what happens or happened. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Beautiful. I love the realization that you don’t have to sit in meditation to be mindful or present. It’s so easy to slip out of the present moment, but when you can anchor in and just BE, it’s so peaceful. Yoga definitely helps with that. Or just taking a few deep breaths can bring me back to the here and now. Thank you for this, love. I’m finding that a lot of the blog posts I’m reading right now are speaking directly to my heart. I’m getting exactly what I needed to hear. :-)

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    running is on thing that totally calms me down as well. During the school year there’s nothing more that I like than going to practice at 4 to run and chat with all my teammates. It’s truly the best therapy there is!

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    You’re so right! I’m usually fully present in the moment while working out. I’m always thinking, but it’s usually along the line of ‘what am I going to eat when I’m done’ rahter then ‘ah, what if that happens?’ :)

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    This is such a great post because I feel like so many of us struggle to live in the present…I am definitely one of those people. I think focusing on the good and making a solid effort to not let your mind wander into the past or future is a great exercise and has only helped me. I also find that blogging, cooking, and reading calms me down and helps me focus on the here and now. <3 this post!

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    I love just sitting down and taking a moment to snuggle with my boy and pups. Just being still makes such a huge difference!

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    I guess it’s not really an activity, but talking with my family and friends and making lists always calms me down if I’m worked up or stressed about something! I’m kind of a control freak and when I feel like I lose control I start to panic!

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    I know you posted this yesterday but I read it this morning and it nearly brought me to tears. It was exactly what I needed to hear. You always have such great timing with your posts :)

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    Such a great post. I find that I am usually stressed the most when I let myself sit and think about stressful situations that COULD happen in the future (but haven’t actually happened). And then I think… what in the world am I doing? Today is a good day. This moment is happy and peaceful & I am stressing about something that most likely will not come to be. Pampering myself at home with a mask, painting my nails, etc works too! Thanks for the reminders!

    • Colleen says

      Oh my gosh, if I’m left alone to just sit with my own thoughts for too long – I’ll end up going crazy!

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