Looking Back: Our First Year

The phrase: Time flies when you’re having fun seems most appropriate to explain how I’m comprehending that it’s really been a YEAR since Cory and I tied the knot.

Our wedding day was, hands down, the happiest day of life. Someone once told me that the first year of marriage was the hardest year – and I couldn’t disagree more! While we’ve had some normal “growing pains” – we’ve been having an absolute blast.

Here’s a look back at the fun we had during our first year of marriage!

  • We spent the first week as husband and wife on our honeymoon in the beautiful St. Lucia.

  • In October, we adopted our sweet boy, Campbell. Talk about an adjustment! We’ve learned so much about ourselves by adopting a rescue dog. Challenging? At times. Rewarding? Always.

  •  In the beginning of the year, Cory was offered a new job. In a matter of three weeks we left our jobs, got rid of our apartment, left my hometown, and packed up to move to Richmond. It was so scary at the time, but it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.
  • We hosted our first Easter brunch! Both families were here in our tiny apartment, and the smoke detector only went off once! 😉

  • Finally, after being unemployed for two months, I got a wonderful job in Richmond! If you want to grow closer as a married couple – try being the unemployed one for a few months (no, don’t.) It was a very difficult time for me (emotionally), but it made us even stronger as a couple.
  • And to close out of first year of marriage, we bought a house!

It’s been a pretty amazing year to say the least. Here’s to hoping for many, many more.



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    I love this post! I know that my first year of marriage is just going to fly by! And yeah — I’m currently the unemployed one in the relationship. Thank goodness Jordan has patience, because I’ve cried to him on several occasions (because of this) during our whole three weeks of marriage. I feel so bad that he’s putting in 50-60 hours a week, and I’m playing housewife!

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    Congratulations & Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful year the two of you have had. I love that you two ran your first 1/2 marathon & crossed the finish line together ((the hubs & I did the same thing)). I wish you both nothing but happiness to come <3

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    Hi Colleen! I came accross your blog when I googled ideas for my wedding hair! I love your blog! Looks like you had a wonderful year and here’s to many more! Congratulations on your first year of wedded bliss and a very happy anniversary!

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    Happy one year! Mine just passed me by in May and I agree…time does fly. You have done a ton together in a year: new pup, new jobs, new car, new home! Wowza! We moved to NYC just a few weeks after we got married and have been loving it but it makes me a little jealous looking at some of your life purchases because there is no need for a house or a car here! :)

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    this year has been so crazy awesome for you!! a baby for next? hahaha KIDDING. unless that’s your plan. if not then i’m definitely kidding. hah. looking forward to seeing what the next year brings! xo

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    That NYC picture – the fact that you, me, and Jamie are all wearing leggings and boots…we are freaking idiots hahaha / the most adorable people in the world. BigGayLove2012


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