Life’s Most Important Questions

Hi, friends! I’m headed to Richmond for a Girl’s Day/Night!! AH, what a perfect end to Spring Break :) If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, it will be no surprise as to who I’m spending my time with. Jamie and Emily of course! ;) I feel so blessed to have Jamie living up here in NOVA and that I’m able to see Emily as often as I do.

Last night in preparation for our girl’s day, Jamie and I were discussing a very important topic (She’s grey. I’m green)

Jamie is my go-to person for most of life’s toughest questions. Like: Jamie, is it ‘naked’ or ‘necked?’ Or: Jamie, are you automatically an asshole if you drive a Hummer? A personal favorite happened a year ago when we were in college. It was a Thursday night (bar night) and it was pouring. I mean pooouring and we had to walk to the bar. So I asked: Jamie, is it okay if I tuck my jeans into my rain boots and wear them to the bar? She’s a good friend: No, Colleen. That is not acceptable, even if you do have a boyfriend.

I’m glad I have such a good friend.

Well, friends, Jamie will be here soon! I’m looking forward to laughing until my side hurts, eating fro-yo for lunch and chowin’ down on some Mexican for dinner – and enjoying an adult beverage or two ;)

Question: Do you tell your friend if she’s making a faux pas? Would you want her to tell you? ;) Do you have a go-to friend that will always tell you the truth?

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3 Responses to Life’s Most Important Questions

  1. Love it! It is SO good to have those friends that you can rely on to be totally honest with you!

  2. Jess says:

    I love seeing text messages , they are so funny! I do have a friend I know will tell me the truth- what a valuable person to have:)

  3. HAHAHA! I love that convo, esp the rain/boots boyfriend thing! That is Courtney and I to a T! We ask each other EVERYTHING because we give each other honest answers.


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