Life Moves Pretty Fast

The other day, my mom sent me one of those chain emails that you’re supposed to forward to 15 angels in your life, say a Hail Mary and do the macarena to make your wish come true.

Normally if I’m sent one of those, I simply hit delete, but if it comes from my mom I’ll read it.

After I read it, I was embarrassed to admit that a chain email actually made me stop and think about my life and how I do things at warped speed.

The jist of the story is that a rich man was driving down the road and a kid threw a brick at his Jaguar. Angry, the man pulled over and yelled at the kid, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” The kid was crying and explained that he only threw the brick because he couldn’t get anyone to stop, and he needed help – his brother had fallen out of his wheelchair and the boy couldn’t help him by himself.

The man instantly felt shame, and he walked over to help the boy and his brother get back into his wheelchair. The boy who threw the brick said “God bless you, sir. Thank you for stopping to help us.” The man watched as the boy turned to wheel his brother down the sidewalk.

The moral of the story is easy: Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention.

I know I’m not the only one who misses things because of how I’m always go-go-going. If I’m not working on something for the present, you can better believe that my mind is racing to the future to plan ahead.

Today I’m going to make the conscious effort to slow down. To notice the color of the sky on my way to work. To smell the cold winter air that suggests a nearby snow. To ask someone “How are you?” and actually wait for an answer. I’m going to take off my side blinders and take a look at things that don’t necessarily have to do with ME and MY plan.

Maybe you’ll do the same?

My favorite movie quote of all time rings true: You know, life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.  


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    This post is great… and so true, I often need to slow down, especially now when I only have 1.5 quarters left in grad school and I want to savor every moment since I may not be in Denver after July!

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    This is so true! I find that the speed of the city really gets to me and sometimes walking slower to smell the roses (or…uh…the NYC smells??) can really be beneficial. Thanks for sharing the shortened version of the chain email! :)

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    Great post! I have heard this before, but it gets me every time. :) I have such a tendancy to live this way. Hurry up and wait!
    Thanks for the reminder!

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    I think we could all take a moment to stop and live in the moment… Personally, I could and need to do that a LOT more… Between work and wedding planning I feel like my life is going 100 MPH 😕

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    You’re so right. Life has been flying by so quickly for me. Every time I make mention of it though, I feel like an old lady. I just told the hubby earlier this week that by the time we’re 90 years old, years will seem like they’re passing by overnight.

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