Junk Foods and Junk Moods (Give Away!)

Here’s something you might not know about  me: I’m an emotional eater.

If something happy happens, I celebrate with food. If something stressful happens, I comfort myself with food. I also show my love through food – if I love ya, I’ll bake ya something. As you can imagine, with yesterday’s big news, I’ve been stuffing my face with less-than-healthy foods for the past few weeks.

I don’t care what you say – bread makes me feel better when things are stressful. And so do cake-y things: pancakes, cupcakes, cake batter fro-yo…

It happens, okay? But in between weeping over a breadstick and stressing out with a mini cupcake in hand, I really found myself being able to relate to Junk Foods and Junk Moods by Lindsey Smith.

In the book, Lindsey discusses her own journey with emotional eating and how one powerful interaction with a stranger transformed her perspective on foods and moods. I found her writing style and stories to be completely relatable, which is super important to me when I read about health and fitness. If you haven’t been there – don’t try to give me any of your advice. You know?

Lindsey also breaks up the reading by adding “Get Moving” and “Keep Going” activities throughout the book. It makes the reading experience a reflective one, and as a counselor-in-training, I’m all about some self reflection 😉

I greatly appreciated the book because Lindsey hones in on finding the void and/or emotions behind emotional eating, and that is SO IMPORTANT! Often times with “diet books,” the author tells you what to eat and how to workout, but emotions are neglected.

Emotions and thoughts fuel our behavior, and if we fuel ourselves with negative emotions, we’ll behave in destructive ways. It’s that simple!

Because I personally got so much from Lindsey’s book, I want to share a copy with one lucky reader. :)

Rather than leaving tons of comments, liking people on facebook and following so-and-so on Twitter, just simply tweet me about wanting the book, and leave a comment telling me to look out for it.  I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning!


  1. says

    Thanks for the book recommendation! I succumbed again this weekend to “reward” eating and I felt terrible afterwards. :( It’s a horrible cycle and I was hoping to read something that focused on how to fight it. I’m definitely going to pick this book up!

  2. Lucy B says

    Can TOTALLY relate to this. B often tells me I need a junk food intervention! Unfortuantely, I don’t Tweet but would love to read it. Will definitely be checking it out!

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