I’ve Got Sunshine

Hey there, beautiful people! I hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly :)


This morning I woke up and headed to the gym for a strength workout with free weights. I adapted this workout from a class I took in college, so here’s what the circuit looked like

  • Lunges (30 x 2)
  • Squats (30 x 2)
  • Shoulder squeeze (15 lbs, 15 reps x 2)
  • Lawn mower (12.5 lbs, 15 reps x 2)
  • Bicep curl into shoulder press (10 lbs, 15 reps x 2)
  • In and out bicep curls (10 lbs, 16 reps x 2)
  • Lat and side raises (5 lbs, 15 reps x 2)
  • Tricep dips (body weight, 15 reps x 2)
  • “Bench press” (two 15 lbs, 15 reps x 2)

It left me sweating and my arms feeling like jell-o. I’ll chalk that up to a strength success :)


I came home and made myself a fabulous cereal combo that I downed in about 2 minutes 😉

Quaker Oat Squares, Kashi Multi Grain Oats & Honey, Cheerios, banana, chia seeds, almond slivers

Topic of Discussion – Summer Sun

Okay, so it’s that time of year when all of my favorite health magazines start printing articles about how being in the sun will 100%, without fail or doubt, give you sun cancer.

(Which is why it confuses me that many of their models are sun-bathing)

Mixed media messages. I’ll save that for another day…

They print articles about a happy, successful 20-somethings who had the world at her finger tips, but oops – she didn’t wear sunscreen… and she died of melanoma.

Upon reading said articles, my heart races and I enter full-fledged hypochondriac mode. I scour my body in the mirror searching for misshaped and/or discolored moles. Cory tells me I’m not allowed to read these things anymore 😉

But it worked once. I did in fact find a discolored, misshaped mole and it turned out to be pre-cancerous. Due to that, I hid from the sun last summer, but it was miserable.

Clearly, that effect has worn off this summer.

Due to my little scare, I now protect myself from the sun. I wear sunblock when I decide to lay out – a concept I did not implement the first 21 years of my life. I also limit my sun time now. If I’m going to lay by the pool, I smear on the sun screen and give myself 1 hour.

I know that’s more than the recommended 20 minutes, but hey. Sista’s got a wedding in two months. I will not be pasty.

I also invested in some Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion.

Because I already have some color, I apply it every other day and it helps me maintain a “glow” :)

Being scared from the sun is not fun. I love the feeling of laying by the pool or on the beach and soaking up the hot sun. Does the “everything in moderation” idea count towards sun as well?

Let’s chat –

Do you wear sunscreen when you lay out?

Do you go to tanning beds?

Or is this not even something you ever think about? It wasn’t something I ever thought about until I went to the dermatologist!


  1. says

    I went to tanning beds a little bit in the beginning of college. I’m very fair and burn very easily so if I controlled it right it was my thinking that I’d avoid the burn outside in the summer. I do wear sunscreen all the time though especially on my face. I found something irregular earlier this year and it turned out to be nothing but it still freaked me out!

  2. Lori says

    I love that lotion but it always makes me turn orange in between my fingers from not washing them thoroughly afterwards I suppose. I went to the tanning bed my Senior year of high school, sporadically freshmen year, and spring of junior year bc I hate feeling pale. I love that I don’t have tan lines but the color looks so fake on me. I never used sunscreen until recent years – after your scare. I think my tan is healthier now. I used to get sunspots and I haven’t this summer, at least not yet. I don’t know how you limit yourself to 1 hour laying out! I think I average 3 and there were a few days in May where I laid out for 6 hrs with the LCs. Sometimes I wonder how many cumulative days I have spent tanning in my life! Haha

    • LK says

      haha I agree with Schlori. When I have time to just sit around and do nothing, I really take advantage of it. I also love being tan. Sorry that I’m not sorry. Haha I like the Jergen’s lotion but it reeeaks so I usually put it on at night before I go to bed. I can’t stand to smell like that during the day.

  3. says

    I always wear sunscreen. My whole family has had skin cancer and I have about 1000 moles on the body so I’m just a disaster waiting to happen. This is such a good blog though because so many people don’t wear sunscreen and it really hurts then when they are older.

  4. says

    I try to always wear sunscreen! I’m pretty pale and it takes a lot of time in the sun for me to get “tan” and my “tan” isn’t very tan at all but I am learning to cope. I had a month of tanning before my senior prom but it also didn’t do much. I could only stay in for 6 minute without getting fried but if I didn’t fry I didn’t get much color either…oh well!

  5. says

    This post made my laugh because it is so true! The media always does that! I got burnt once when I was a kid when I was vacationing in the Grand Caymans and I had to sit inside for two days while the rest of my fam went out and enjoyed the day. I was so burn my eyes were almost swollen shut. Ever since then I make sure to wear sunscreen at least the first day in the sun on vacay. I also try to wear sunscreen on my face everyday (built into my makeup) Great post!

  6. says

    I swore off tanning beds a few years ago and embraced my pastiness… I’m a hypocondriac and cancer is very prevailent in my family so I’m no fool.

    I DO however enjoy the beach, sitting out in the sun…. but slather on the SPF when I do!

  7. says

    I wen’t to a tanning bed to last year but it turned into an addiction so i try to stay away from them.That being said, I am normally at the beach, the pool, or playing beach volleyball at least 4 times a week so sunscreen and I are good friends. There’s just no way I can stay away from sun, I love it too much.

  8. says

    Omg I am the biggest crazy person when it comes to sunscreen. I layer it up like it’s no one’s business lol I tan pretty easy so I make sure to reapply!! I hate getting red, burnt and peeling!

  9. Ashley says

    I used to go to the tanning bed, but Patrick made me promise I would stop, since it’s bad for you! I love the sun but I will never make the mistake of forgetting the sunscreen. I went out for the day and didn’t apply anything till it was too late, that was 2 weeks ago and I am still peeling!!!! Now I mix the sun with the Jergens glow, and lots of sunscreen!

  10. says

    I guess I’ve been both blessed and cursed because I naturally have extremely fair skin that turns a ridiculous shade of lobster red within minutes of entering full sun. All it took was one episode of sun poisoning (NOT FUN!) to get me to start taking mega good care of my skin! I wear SPF 100 and I swear (even though they say that anything over 30 SPF is a waste of money) it protects me better. I also am constantly roving around looking for shade if I’m out in the middle of the day; I never stand directly in the sun if I can avoid it. I’ve been known to even wear jackets and swaddle myself in beach towels in freakishly hot temperatures–just to shield my poor sensitive skin from the sun! It really is kinda miserable at times… especially for someone who loves the water as much as I do! I have that same lotion… but I’ve been afraid to try it… I’m afraid I’d turn myself streaky and orange, haha.

    • Colleen says

      Oh my gosh, I’ve never had sun poisoning – that must have been awful! I was worried the lotion would turn me streaky/orange, but it really hasn’t!

  11. says

    Oh gosh, I’m so bad when it comes to tanning. I never wear sunscreen and I stay out in the sun for hours. Ahhh, I can’t help it. I love being tan! I’ve only been in the beds a handful of times..it was for prom for my senior year. Would never do it again!

  12. says

    I used to hate wearing sunscreen, but now I wear 30 when I’m out and my face lotion that I wear every day has SPF 15 in it! I have a changing mole too that I’m getting removed, so I want to be extra careful!

    • Colleen says

      My face lotion has SPF in it too! Yeah, after getting a mole removed I try to be suuuper careful!

  13. says

    I wear sunscreen and still burn! Thank you pale and Irish skin :) I need to find better skin! But i do want / need to get some sun on my skin before a wedding i’m in, in October! Thank you Jergens :)

  14. Ali says

    I have fair skin (blonde hair, blue eyes) and get burned very easily. When I was in high school and college, I was vain and went to the tanning bed to avoid looking pale. Fortunately, I stopped going to the tanning bed my sophomore year of high school, but I can’t undo the damage. I developed moles all over my body, and since then, I have had 5 precancerous moles removed. I have 2 scars on my back and 1 on my stomach (my most recent mole was the stage before melanoma–sooo scary!) and make sure to tell people about my scars and history in hopes of preventing it from happening to someone else. Now I put on SPF before I step outside, avoid tanning at all costs, and definitely will never go into a tanning bed again. I’m learning to embrace my pale skin, and several people have actually complimented me on how beautiful my skin is! It’s much better to be pale and safe than tan and sorry!

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