I’ve Always Been Fashion Forward [Ha.]

Readers Beware: Today’s post is a compilation of complete randomness. I hope you’re okay with that.

Random Story #1: When I was younger, I used to hate getting clothes as gifts. Things never fit correctly, and no one seemed to understand my style. I would always think, Really? You honestly thought I would like this itchy sweater?

Because let’s be honest, I was anΒ extremely fashion forward young girl.

But times have changed, my friends. I’m now a grown ass woman, and my sense of style is relatively concrete. My mom realized this, and last week she accomplished something that I believed to be impossible. She bought me an outfit that I didn’t want to immediately return.

And Cory has figured it out as well. I am very lucky to have married a man who can pick out jewelry that I actually like. I now feel like a real adult with my Big Girl Watch πŸ˜‰

Random Story #2: Last night was Date Night, so Cory and I headed to Bonefish. We knew that Bang Bang Shrimp was a given, but it took us a while to decide if we wanted anything else.

Enter: Cocktails and a copious amount of bread.

And then the Bang Bang was served. I was happy as a clam shrimp?

Once we inhaled the shrimp (and two servings of bread) we decided to split a salad. I want to punch myself in the face for admitting that we split a salad, but I was so freakin’ stuffed from said bread and breaded shrimp consumption.

Random Story #3: After Bonefish, we drove home and after I immediately changed into my PJs, I dedicated the majority of the night to giving this pooch a whole lotta lovin’.

Random Story #4: It needs no explanation.


But if you don’t watch this show, you need to give me an explanation.

Let’s chat –

Do you have a Date Night restaurant? (with your boyfriend/husband or for girlfriend get togethers)

What’s your favorite sitcom? Modern.Family. Duh.

What’s one outfit that you loved as a kid, but now cringe at the thought? I wore purple biker shorts (they were cool!) with an oversized white shirt that had a big purple flower on the front. To accessorize, I wore a purple scrunchy on my wrist and I thought I was too hot to trot.. (Mom, whyyy!?)



  1. says

    My boyfriend and I always go to the this wine bar, Mercy, for date night. We always order the same dishes to split – it takes all of the hassle out of ordering (I am majorly indecisive when it comes to restaurant menus) and we’re able to sit back, relax, drink wine and enjoy food we already know we love :)

  2. says

    OMG I love your outfit and skirt SOOO cute!! My mom has been telling Cush & I to go to Bonefish simply for the Bang Bang Shrimp…I sure as heck better get on that! Our fav TV sitcom currently: Modern Family (but come on you knew I would say that given our track record of similarities πŸ˜‰ ) Our fav date night out is to Firebirds Restaurant!

    • Colleen says

      Thanks!! Yes, you two NEED to go! And of COURSE we have the same favorite show. No surprise here :) How’s your training going? I haven’t been doing too well this week (my schedule is so busy!) and I’m getting pretty nervous that it’s only a month away!

  3. says

    Hahaha, oh me and my biker shorts were buds. I went through phases with clothing…one time I hated all jeans and only wore dresses and leggings for all of third grade. Then in 4th grade, I hated spandex and only wore jeans. Remember those jammies that were one piece and zipped from ankle to collar? The “footies” on them scratched my feet so I made my mom cut the footies off of all mine!

    I too hated receiving clothes as gifts. Barbies were what I really wanted.

    • Colleen says

      My jaw was on the floor when I was reading this – I went through the same phase of hating the way jeans felt on my skin, so I only wore dresses and leggings. And I made my mom cut the feet out of all my footies too! I thought I was the only kid in the world who wanted footie PJs..without the feet πŸ˜‰

  4. Lauren says

    1 – good work aunt Katie! And props to Cory too on the bling!

    2 – we go out to eat one day during the weekend usually but during the week my thing to look forward to is making BIG dinners at home!

    3 – another something we have in common – MK watch! I have a brown one that I love love love! And who doesnt love bang bang shrimp… did you know Ruby Tuesdays has Thai Phoon shrimp (a not nearly as delish knock off of the bangbang)

    We are coming to NOVA Friday December 23rd for the Holidays πŸ˜‰

  5. says

    nice outfit! I definitely don’t trust people to buy me clothes…nor do I trust myself to buy them for other people! I like to offer to go shopping with them if I’m going to do that :) Modern family is awesome…I actually just started watching the first season though!

  6. says

    Haha. I had a Beauty & the Beast sweatshirt that I apparently tried to wear every day to school. I also had a scrunchy for every outfit! Our restaurant is Melting Pot for special occasions! My birthday is coming up so I am looking forward to the date night. :)

  7. says

    oh man haha. I had a purple, pink and turquoise sweater I loved to wear.. It.is.heinous .. honestly I don’t understand why my wonderful mother allowed me to leave the house in that thing.. ahh the 80s haha.

    Also I feel like we are twins-ies, my hubby and I loooooooove Bonefish and that is where we go on our date nights.. well there and Artie’s in Fairfax!

    Glee and Raising Hope are my favs.. and no I do not watch Modern Family, we never got into it but I really want to start watching.. there are just so many shows we love, its so hard to find time to watch them all. (don’t hate me)

  8. says

    1) Our date night go-to is Matchbox. We haven’t been in quite a while so I’m hoping we’ll get there tomorrow night!
    2) My favorite sit-com is How I Met Your Mother.
    3) Ugh, I cringe at the thought of this but I’ll admit I had navy blue overalls with three fuzzy Elmos on the bib, and a navy blue crew-neck sweatshirt with a very large fuzzy Elmo on it. No, I wasn’t 3-4 when I had this. I picked this out myself during a birthday shopping trip in 6TH GRADE. Eek.

  9. says

    I had these TERRIBLE sandals that I loved as a child. They weren’t even that pretty, or that comfortable, but I loved them for whatever reason. What was worse was that they made my feet smell AWFUL. My daddy still makes fun of me for those stupid shoes.

    And is that a Pandora bracelet I see adorning your wrist alongside the watch??

    Also, this week’s Modern Family was even more fantastic than usual!

  10. says

    New reader here!

    Ummm – I’m pretty sure you could have been my twin when you were little (despite the fact that I am much older than you – so many you were my mini-twin). I actually looked at that first picture and did a double take!! Crazy.

    Anyways – LOVE your watch and my favorite sitcoms are HIMYM and Modern Family. Both hilarious and relatable!

  11. Ashley Jarrett says

    HAHAH I just started watching Modern Family and I have fallen in love!!!! Patrick and I enjoy a place called Still for special date nights and mexican the rest of the time.

    Outfit I wish I never wore: I had a black and white checkerboard overalls that had a huge yellow tweety bired on the chest and I used to wear that with a yellow shirt and socks and my black mary janes!!! I thought I was the S**T

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