It Seems to be That Time Again

 Remember my mom’s Facebook status about Irene?

She sure was slapping her wrists when she walked outside Sunday morning…

A good chunk of our neighbor’s tree landed on my parent’s roof sometime in the middle of the night. No damage, thank goodness – just an afternoon of clean-up was in store. Cory and I enjoy helping out our parents whenever we can, and when there’s a built-in workout included, it’s double the points! :)

And we even got a little housewarming gift from Irene as well.

Irene, we’ll think of you every time we use our fireplace :)

After we got home from Operation: Irene Clean Up, it was time to get to the normal Sunday routine of grocery shopping, laundry, organizing for the week ahead, and getting ready for school.

Whether I’m ready or not, it’s that time again: The grad student life is about to take hold of my evenings and social life until Christmas.


I know I bitch and moan about grad school, but please know that I’m here because I want to be (well, actually – I majored in Psychology – so I really didn’t have much of a choice 😉 )


It’s an investment in my future that I’m very proud of, and I’m excited for the doors that will open for me once I jump through all the fiery necessary hoops and earn my degree.

Let’s hope this semester is a great one! 😀

Let’s chat –

Do you have your Master’s or P.Hd (and in what?) When it’s all said and done, I’ll have my M.Ed. in Community Counseling.

Is anyone else obsessed with school supplies like I am? I could spend hours upon hours in Office Depot or the office and school supply aisles in Target forrrrever 😉


  1. says

    ill be getting my Masters next May. woohooooo. I loveeee school supply shopping :) i could spend forever in Target and Staples! Lets go together! xo

  2. Ellie says

    I have my M.Ed. It wasn’t fun getting it (a lot of sleepless nights as I was teaching and going to school at the same time.) However, it was worth it, especially since my paycheck is substantially larger now! :)

  3. Rachel says

    I hear ya – it’s tough to go back after a relaxing summer! I’m working on my Master’s in Public Administration. I’m just starting my second year and won’t finish until May 2013 since I also work full time for the government.

    I love shopping for school supplies! My favorite thing is finding a cute planner.

  4. Megan says

    I start grad school this coming week and I am pretty excited to get back into the classroom…as a student!! ANNNNNNNNNNND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE school supplies…too much…I think not!

  5. says

    I have a Master’s in Animal Breeding & Genetics. It was a long, touch two years and writing a thesis is pretty brutal but the day I received my Master’s degree ranks right up there with my wedding day as one of the best days of my life.

  6. Laura says

    I just graduated with my Master’s in Higher Education (Student Affairs) in May! I definitely whined my way through the ups and downs, but I think that’s just a natural part of the grad school experience. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

    As for school supply shopping, this fall marks the first time after 19 years that I’m not getting ready to go back to school. I still find myself taking extra time in the Target aisles to check out the beautifully colored post-its and the hundreds of pens and pretty markers that just NEED to come home with me! You can never have enough school supplies!

  7. says

    I have my masters in applied communication and let me tell you, i LOVED my graduate program, the courses and the people i met. My degree is one that allows me to do a lot but im not really a set thing (like a dentist, accountant, etc).. with my masters in applied communication i was able to work as a human service coordinator/case manager for adults with developmental disabilites up until i got married and moved (for my husbands job).

    And I LOVE school/office supplies!

  8. Jaye says

    I have a master’s, specialist’s, and doctorate in educational administration and while I still work in education, I’m not using these degrees as intended. Kudos to you for getting it done before kids come along! Wish I would have done it that way, but it all worked out.

    Target dollar bin school supplies are my weakness-especially the Hello Kitty stuff!

  9. says

    Community counseling sounds like fun. I thought about doing something in the psychology field, but I get too attached. I’ll get my masters in 2013, but it’ll be fun, even if its a lot of work. I started my classes last Monday and they’ve been great so far. I haven’t had classes since last fall since I was student teaching in the spring and took a break this past summer.

    School supplies-yes. I love to just browse and love to stock up every fall during the sales :)

  10. says

    I love office supplies, too!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that can spend hours on end in those stores–I’m like a kid in a candy store–I have to be chaperoned! 😉 ..Good luck with your educational goals, I’m right there with you!

  11. says

    Shopping for school supplies is so much fun! I still spend too much time lingering around the notebook aisle at Target. And I have an MBA. I think grad school is worth the investment if it gets you where you want to go or at least points you in the right direction :)

  12. says

    Oh my god, I can spend so much time looking at pens and post-its in Staples. Too many colors. Too many sizes. Definitely too much fun for me to be considered a normal human being…

  13. says

    Oh my gosh, yes I am obsessed with school supply shopping. My friend gave me a 20% off bag for Office Max, and I did not even wait an hour before shopping!!!!! I love standing in the “office” supply section in Target and looking, at things I do not need or would never need but think are nice!!! :) Good to know I am not the only one hehe

  14. Courtney says

    I have my master’s degree in adolescent English education, and now I can’t find a job as a teacher! =( I know eventually I won’t regret it though.

  15. Terri says

    I have my masters in Secondary school counseling. I currently work in a middle school and I still look for cool things for my office. This year I will be adding sparkly scissors to match my sparkly pen and stapler as well as my new purse notepad dispenser. School starts Thursday, but I am definitely not ready.

  16. says

    I just graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Neuroscience. I’ve taken lots of psych courses though (these fields overlap a TON, as i’m sure you know!)

    I eventually either want to go to med school, get a phd in clinical psychology, or some other grad school in neuro/psych. or become a full-time blogger. just kidding about that one…unfortunately. haha.

  17. says

    I just finished my Bachelor’s, but I would like to eventually go back and get my Master’s. Right now I’m just enjoying my new career and seeing where it might take me. I love school supplies though..I was kind of sad that I didn’t have a reason to buy any this year!

  18. says

    School supplies are the only reason I miss school. Sometimes I just go out and buy pens and binders and organize my papers just because I am obsessed with school supplies.

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