It Happened


Yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful. So after eating dinner and going on a long walk, Cory and I both agreed that Sweet Frog was the “cherry on top” to a perfect summer day.

Apparently so did half of Northern Virginia…

The line was out the door! The crazy person in me got a little perturbed; you pay by the weight, so you can’t eat in line – so what if my perfect fro-yo melts before I pay for it?! (It didn’t. Whew!)

I’m an idiot.


This morning started off without a hitch. On Tuesdays I go into work an hour later than the rest of the week so I able to sleep in before making my way to the gym.

I completed 25 minutes worth of a hodge-podge strength workout and ended with a quick 1.5 mile run, just to get me sweaty :)


I had the same this as yesterday. Can you believe it?! Hence the recycled picture.

Tuesday’s ‘Oh Shit Shoot!’ Moment

Usually this moment doesn’t come before noon, but alas, it was early today.

This morning I had several bags in the passenger seat, so my plan of action was to exit my side of the car and walk around to get the bags in an orderly fashion, rather than lugging them across (<–that never works well)

To make a long story short, I locked my keys in my car.

I had no phone to call Cory or my parents who have a spare key.

I had no computer to Google “How to break into a Honda Accord” (That was a very real thought process, friends.)

I cursed. I stomped. I didn’t cry. And eventually I was able to finagle my cracked back window off the hinges juuuust enough to stick my arm in and unlock the door.

I haven’t felt such a sense of victory in a long time.


I need to get out more.

Because the key fiasco took me 45 minutes to figure out, I’m running a little behind so I’ve got to scoot out the door and head to work! Have a great morning!

Let’s chat –

What was your last “oh shoot!” moment?

Have you ever locked your keys in your car? I’ve done it at least 5 times – but it hadn’t happened for a while until today!



  1. says

    In high school I dropped a dollar in a big trashcan…like the kind you put out on the street… along with my paper plate. So I went to reach in after it and fell inside. So there’s that…

  2. Ashley Jarrett says

    I was getting gas a few weeks ago and I threw my keys back in the car while I pumped. Come to find out I had locked the doors and couldn’t reach my keys on the seat through the cracked window. Needless to say I was the kid that set of their own car alarm in the WaWa parking lot! Dang it!

  3. says

    Fro-yo sounds like a great treat to end a great day :)
    And I am always so nervous I’ll lock my keys in the car with my daughter in it or hasn’t happened

  4. says

    awwwwww! that is no fun! glad you figured out how to get it unlocked though!

    and I totally agree with you on the Fro-Yo dilemma! I want mine to be COLD when I eat it! They need like a holding “ice box” while you wait in line to pay…hahaha

  5. says

    My last moment was the last time I was at the grocery store and I realized that I didn’t have my wallet with me…ahh! Thankfully my roommate was with me and she paid for me! Of course I paid her back…but that moment of panic when I realized that I didn’t have my credit card was awful!

  6. says

    My last ‘oh shoot’ moment was when I locked myself out of the house while getting costco bags from my car! haha It just so happened that Sam was out of town and my parents didn’t have a spare key! Lovely.

  7. says

    I’ve locked my keys in my car numerous times, but my back driver’s side window is broken and held up with duct tape. Easy for me (and probably others, too) to break in and get my keys! :)

    • says

      OMG that’s EXACTLY how I got mine out. My back window won’t roll up all the way and it taped shut! I’m so ghetto haha. Too funny!

  8. says

    I brought old clothes to a Good Will and I went to put the garbage bag of clothes down the big tube that they have and I ended up sending my wallet with it. I actually climbed into the tube and got my wallet out while my friend held my legs.
    Definitely an oh shoot moment.

  9. says

    Lol awww. I’ve never locked my keys in my car, but I HAVE locked myself out of the house before. It was kind of awkward… I ended up jimmy-ing one of the windows open and crawling in through the basement – I’m glad none of my neighbors saw me and called the police! I hope I don’t lock myself out again, though, because after that little incident, we made all the windows a lot more secure so I wouldn’t be able to break in anymore!

  10. says

    I did the same thing when I was at the parking garage at school last year! I had to push one of those emergency help buttons (you know, the ones you’re supposed to push if you’re getting raped, or something), and tell campus police that I locked my keys in the car. I was like 30 minutes late to class, and kind of embarrassed, haha.

  11. says

    We packed up all of our swim stuff and headed to the pool – it’s about 20 minutes away. When we got there, I realized I forgot the pool key. And the one older woman who was in the pool wouldn’t let us in because there is a sign that says “do not open the gate unless someone has a pool key.” so my husband had to drive back home and get the key. Oops!!

  12. says

    Self-serve frozen yogurt = best thing EVER!

    Hah, I’m always SO afraid I’m going to do that with my car! I’m super paranoid about my keys for some reason. They always have to be in my hand. One time, I thought I lost them and was flippin’ out… until I realized they were in the ignition… the fact that my car was running should have probably clued me in, lol.

  13. says

    In high school I locked my keys in my trunk.. had to wait till my dad came with the spare to get it…..

    My husband (boyfriend at the time) was working for a pizza delivery company and the lady asked him to turn on his car for him (it was cold out) so he did and she had some sort of fancy shmancy car that locks automatically when the ignition is on, I dont know.. it was bizarre. Anyway long story short we had to go to the gas station and get a car openy thing, (long flat sheet of metal) and jimmy the door open….

    insanity! PS where is that fro-yo place.. I have never seen it around here?!

  14. says

    Oh yes, I have “Oh shoot” moments all the time. It is a like a daily occurrence for me everyday!

    I have only locked my keys in my car once (knock on wood), while it was running. My driver side door was not unlocking, so I was using the passenger side door – well, lets just say the wind blew shut my door and my passenger door was locked. Luckily Roger (the Longwood cop) was walking around Sunchase and “broke into” my car for me to unlock it!

    P.S. LOVE SweetFrogs! It is always super busy down here too!

  15. says

    Holy crap girl I have never locked myself out of my car before but I would have cried like a little bitch for sure lol And yummm I am so jealous of that fro-yo!!! It looks amazing and yes I would have been thinking “Would it melt?!!” too 😉 Did you think of me when you were getting it? Haha 😛

  16. says

    I’ve never locked my keys in my car (knocks on wood!) Thankfully, with a smart key and car, it’s hard to do that!!! You’ve got me crazy craving fro-yo!

  17. says

    I ALWAYS lock my keys in my car, thankfully I have AAA insurance and they provide me with 3 lockouts/year. I always end up using all 3!

  18. says

    I just watched your vlog about wanting froyo so I’m glad you got it- now I want it too!! and for the record, I’d probably have eaten mine in line- at least some of it. Or I’d have put fruit on the top and put more on/ I guess that’s how I roll. Not the dishonesty, I mean the eat fruit add more game.
    it’s lucky you could get into your car the way you did!! I’d probably have freaked out. Luckily I don’t drive soooooo
    the last time I had an “oh shoot” moment was…..well, I’m not sure I remember. I think I’ve probably thrown something out I didn’t mean to lately.

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