Is It Just Me? Pt. 2

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Is it just me, or does anyone else turn into a Nazi once the milk is poured into your cereal? Don’t engage me in conversation, call me on the phone, text me or ask me to “come over here and see this!” No. I will not do anything that might cause my cereal to become – gasp! – soggy.

Pre-pour, obviously. 

Is it just me who dies a little inside when you go to pick up your dog’s poop and he does that “kick to cover it all up” thing. It’s degrading to have your dog kick shit in your general direction, is it not?

Is it just me, or do other people eat M&Ms and Skittles grouped by color?

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to write a letter to Target telling them to PUMP THE BRAKES with putting the bikinis out on display? Come on Target, it’s fugging February.

Is it just me who, once I find a certain YouTube video that makes me laugh ’til I cry, watches it on repeat so that I can eventually quote the entire thing so I can make myself laugh whenever I want? :)

Is it just me who has awesome hair days on the days I have absolutely nothing to do?

Is it me, or can you try on an outfit before you go to bed, but then when you wake up in the morning to get ready, you feel like it looks horrendous, leaving you feeling like your body changed shapes over night!? (And then you run late because you thought you had it all figured out…)

It it just me, or is anyone else a little bit nervous about seeing The Hunger Games movie because you hope they don’t screw it up? (I’m already upset that Gale is hotter than Peeta. Didn’t Hollywood know that’s NOT how I envisioned it through all three books?!)


Is it just me, or does anyone else wish it was Friday?

Come on – I know I’m not the only person that has “am I the only one thoughts.” What are some of yours? I bet I can make you feel normal 😉


  1. says

    Sign – I too group my skittles and M&Ms into color groups before eating them…I thought I was just neurotic, but if you do it to, when then that’s just another reason why we are friends!!

    • Colleen says

      We’re both terribly neurotic, that’s one reason we get along so well :) (PS – Speaking of beign neurotic, no MK yet!! I’m dyyyyinggg.)

    • Colleen says

      I’ve heard LOTS of people say they were disappointed with The Help! I think I just love Emma Stone so much, that I couldn’t possibly be *too* upset with it. But I agree – the book was outstanding and the movie was so-so.

  2. says

    You are right on with the M&Ms – I always save the brown ones for the end! And not only do I feel the same way about my clothes in the morning but my lunch as well. The things that sound delicious to me the night before just don’t ~9 hours later. Hahaha.

    • Colleen says

      Hahaha, yes! I’m currently battling that exact situation. What I THOUGHT I would want to pack for lunch sounds blah!

  3. Lauren says

    I think I may be the only one who walks in the house and I literally cannot sit down until I tidy things, do dishes, straighten up, put clothes away… basically whatever is not in its place I feel like I HAVE TO make things right before I can even sit down or sometimes before I can even take off my shoes. I have even come home with carry out lunch ready to eat and not even touched my food until its cold because I got so preoccupied with cleaning up!

    Like you, my hair never seems to look as good during the week for work as it does when I’ve got no plans on the weekend!

    I had an experience yesterday like your doctors office visit with the ripping your clothes off as fast as possible even though the doctor coming in is most def. going to see you in all your nude glory anyway… Husband and I went for a couples massage and Im 100% naked snuggled under the covers of my table and hes taking his sweet time to do the same so I told him ‘you better hurry they are going to walk in any minute’ and like a little girl he giggled and rushed to the table to fly under the covers LOL

    On another note, I am 100% disappointed in the Hunger Games character choices of actors! I read all the books THEN let myself watch the trailer(s)… ugh, Haymitch I was thinking is some big huge fat sloppy drunk and hes played by that one actor – cant remember his name – who is a goofy pretty boy type right? And both gale AND peeta could stand to be a tad hotter. Not thrilled.

    • Colleen says

      Sometimes I think we’re the same person! I CANNOT sit down and relax until things are tidy. I’ve done the SAME thing with bringing carryout food home, too!! Like when I’m making dinner, I clean up while things are cooking because I hate the idea of eating while there’s a dirty kitchen.

      Do you think we should be in therapy? 😉

  4. Kate says

    I just read The Hunger Games and cannot wait! I’m not nervous at all because this book was MADE for a movie! I’ve just started Catching Fire and it’s about to get really good…yay!

  5. Lauren says

    Probably. Good thing I have this one lovely cousin who has spent upwards of 5 years in college pursing Psychology/Psychiatry (I always get those mixed up)!

  6. says

    well, this must be why we’re so close. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WROTE HERE.

    especially the soggy cereal thing, which we’ve discussed before. don’t you dare compromise the cruchiness of my cereal.

  7. LK says

    Umm I am one of those weirdos who actually prefers soggy cereal. I know it’s really weirdd. I’m like an old lady.

    I fugging love that video. Where is Cole Hall and is it high enough for me to jump off and kill myself?

    See, in the books, I always imagined Peeta being less hot but he wins you over with his charm and undying love for Katnisssss <3

  8. says

    My Target had bathing suits out in January!! And I am totally worried about The Hunger Games movie being horrible, or at least completely average which would be just as bad. This is why most of the time I just wish they wouldn’t make books into movies.

  9. says

    I am so worried about the Hunger Games! Although I’m really excited about it too…..

    Also, I am SO not ready for bikini season yet. come on target give me a few more months…

  10. says

    OMG my husband FREAKS OUT when I call him after he just poured a bowl of cereal…and I swear it happens 1 out of every 4 times I call.

    Ring Ring
    Husband: (no hello) “I JUST POURED A F&*%ING BOWL OF CEREAL CAN I CALL YOU BACK?!!!!”
    Me: (staring at the phone in disbelief that the man I married has turned into a crazed cereal pscyho) *click*

    You’re welcome for that visual. :)

    And no, it’s not just you!

  11. says

    I’m terrified they will turn it into a love triangle fiasco of Twilight proportions. I will be very upset. Also, I’m disappointed with the casting of both Peeta and Gale. I like everyone else, though.

    On another note… I definitely separate my M&Ms, saving blue and orange for last. I like to see those colors together… Go Gators! Lol.

  12. says

    HA! I agree with almost everything you wrote. Luckily my dog is litter-box trained (the breeder did it, score!), so I don’t have that particular problem. What is most unsettling is, of course, Peeta not looking so much like the Peeta I pictured. He better be really good or else I am going to have a major ‘tude. I hope for my husband’s sake that isn’t the case.

  13. Cynthia (It All Changes) says

    Is it me or do some recipes need to be left unhealthy? If I want Tiramisu I want all the marscapone, sugar, coffee, and cookies. Tiramisu pudding is blaspheme!

  14. says

    I LOVE THIS POST! I agreed with your first statement about the soggy cereal and knew that I had to continue reading!

    I can also definitely relate with the good hair days when you are just chillin at home all day. (I have good skin days like that too haha!)

    And I seriously think Target has the bikinis out year round?? I always see them!!

  15. says

    I definitely wish it was Friday! And I always have the best hair days on days where I can’t find anything to do, no matter how hard I try, and the worst hair days when I have an important event haha.

  16. crystal c. says

    OMFG LOL!! that list of yours was perfect and I agree with it all! you would think your body would either stay the same or get better overnight. makeup is another one that looks the best of days that it really doesn’t need to. the beauty gods are failing us I swear. another thing that cracks me up is how one of my favoite songs will come on my playlist or radio RIGHT when I get to my destination and have to turn off the car. so I am that girl that sits in her car until her song is done. purse sitting in my lap waiting just waiting for the song to finish.

    Oh and I just watched that youtube that you had linked up there. Wow!!! that just made me crack up at my desk!!!!!!! Haha!!!

  17. says

    All of these are SO true!!! I have naturally wavy hair and sometimes I am sporting just the greatest set of beachey waves and have absolutely no where to go. Other days, when I have semi-important things, I look like Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.

  18. says

    Haha I have so many of these moments and thoughts!!! I totally group/ sort snacks by color or size [save the biggest for last]! Is it just me or despite loving this springlike weather, at least one wintery blizzard would be nice :)

  19. says

    When I’m eating my cereal, NO ONE should mess with me. This is serious business. I mean if I’m distracted for two minutes, that’s two minutes where my cereal becomes soggy and then I blame YOU 😉 so no, it’s definitely not just you :)

    I’ve missed your blog! I’m so happy to be back into the swing of things.

  20. Lindsay Harlow says

    ITS ALMOST FRIDAY!!! Those men of the Hunger Games drive me wild!!! I absolutely cannot wait for it to come out. I’ve finished all three books and still don’t know which one I like better. They BETTER not screw it up. As much as I’m avoiding watching too many trailers to ruin it, I think it looks like they’re on target. What I’m wondering is if the movie is on just the first book or all three?

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