Is it Just Me…?

…Who is actually excited about the Royal Baby? I keep hearing/reading all these people poo-pooing it, but for some reason I’m really happy for Kate and William. I know this makes me sound insane.

…Who thinks the newest Body Pump release is killer? Those “hang cleans” in the back track?! JESUS!

….Who is obsessed with the show Suits?! We’re almost through Season 2 thanks to a weekend of binge-watching. It’s actually a great show, but the serious eye candy doesn’t hurt one bit.

…Who always complains about the weather being either too fucking hot, or too fucking cold? I’m either sweating like a whore in church, or shivering to death.

…Who didn’t know that Miley’s song is about drugs? I just found out the lyrics are NOT “we like to party, dancing with Miley” it’s “dancing with Molly” ‘Molly’ being a form of ecstasy. I’m such a prude.  I guess I could have figured it out from the video


…Who literally cannot survive without carbs?

…Who wants to steal the wardrobe of the tween perfection that is Kiernan Shipka?


…Who gets depressed by the fact that stores are already starting to put out fall clothes and Christmas decorations?

…Who makes up life stories about the strangers at the gym who you see everyday?

…Who’s wondering how it’s only Tuesday because it sure as hell feels like it should be Friday already?

Just me? Okay then.

PS – The winner of the Simone France Giveaway is Diana! Congratulations! Please email me your address to lunchboxdiaries[at]gmail[dot]com by Friday!

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34 Responses to Is it Just Me…?

  1. I make up conversations with the people at the gym. So weird. Most of the conversations I invent involve them continuously complimenting my ripped physique. I wish I was lying.

    I would probably agree with all of these except I don’t have cable (no Suits), don’t have access to Bodypump anymore (kill meeeee), and don’t really get out much (so I know nothing of current weather conditions). I do agree that I would literally die without carbs. DIE.

    I want to kiss the royal baby.

  2. amandafolk says:

    Mouth just dropped open. NO clue Miley’s song was about drugs. You and me are in the same boat, apparently! And I make life stories about everybody I see, so I’m definitely with ya on that one. ;)

  3. I miss our gym sessions where we could catch up on all the (made up) gossip about the people we saw in bodyPUMP every day. Also – Can’t. Move. My. Upper. Body today. The new release is literally killing me!!!

  4. Love them all! Suits is amazing, I love Harvey. I haven’t taken the new body pump class yet, now I must try it.

    Ummm little Sally Draper also puts my wardrobe to shame. Another one is Anna Paquin who gets to look that good less than a year after having twins? I’m jealous.

    I’ve given up on understanding Miley, I like to pretend she’s still Hanna Montana.

  5. I had a email about making Christmas decorations already! Yuck! I swear right after July long weekend we are hit with fall and back to school stuff. No fun.

  6. I make up stories about strangers ALL.THE.TIME! I used to do it even more when I worked at a coffee shop and had all sorts of interesting people come through the doors. There’s a guy and lady at my gym and I’m pretty sure they’re having an affair…even if they aren’t, my brain has taken that make believe story and gone WILD! haha

  7. Kelsey Yoki says:

    Not only are the fall clothes coming out (and Christmas too!), but school supplies at Target were on display right after the fourth of July! Too soon… And I might have to start “Suits”. Just finished a few shows on Netflix!

  8. New BodyPump is RIDIC – the 6 min squat track makes me hate my life every. damn. time.

  9. i’m totally have a bad case of the fridays – i just started a new job and my schedule has me off on tuesdays and sundays (talk about feeling all mixed up!)… and that pic of kiernan made me smile: i love mad men!! ♥

  10. Parita says:

    Does having the live video stream of the Royal Baby’s debut open on my computer mean I’m excited about his birth??? LOL! I’m a dork, I know. I was the same way with the wedding. No shame.

  11. Emily says:

    My husband is NOT happy about the royal birth because yesterday was also his birthday, so he feels like the limelight has been stolen. I’m secretly happy too, although I sorta wanted a little princess in the world.

    We have watched Suits since season 1- my husband loves it, and I definitely find it entertaining. But I think Rachel is super annoying.

  12. I am SO excited for the royal baby. I even made my 10 month old wear a tiara in celebration…too far? Whatever!

    Also, I ALWAYS make up stories about people! I give them names, back stories, careers, tragedies…the whole 9 yards. I probably need more friends in real life ;-)

  13. carlyjg says:

    Me me me me me (to all of these).

    I’m weirdly excited about the royal baby. It’s kind of a big deal, people. This baby is going to be in charge of a lotta shit one day.

  14. fall clothes i can (kind of) understand-but christmas decorations already?

  15. Erika says:

    I love Suits!!!! I’m so sad that we canceled cable and I won’t be able to watch it now.

    I make up stories about people all the time – so much so that I find myself actually believing them and telling other people about them! Ha Ha

  16. Oh, I agree on so many of these! I had no idea about Miley’s song though. Yikes! No more Hannah Montana, I guess. And, yes, I am not a fan of Christmas in July.

  17. Um..I so thought it was “dancing with Miley,” I was just asking my husband why she has to put her own name in all of her songs! Guess that’s just a radio edit, or I’m hearing it wrong?

    The royal baby was born on my birthday, so I’m a little jealous that it will no longer just be ‘my’ day ;) .

  18. Erin says:

    Kiernan Shipka is adorbs in Mad Men.. Also I have the same ridiculous body temperature issue.. I’m either sweating or wrapped in a blanket.

  19. Ha! Love this! I always make up imaginary lives about people! And um…I’m unexplainably overexcited about the Royal Baby. Don’t know why? Aaaannndd…the weather, yeah, we’re not friends ever…like you said, either too hot or too cold. Loved this and love your sense of humor!

  20. I always make up stories about people I don’t know. Isn’t that part of the joy of living?

  21. Maureen says:

    One of my jobs at work is to approve music that the kids play during lunchtime activities, etc at our high school and they HATE me because if there is a name or weird term in a song, I Urban Dictionary and Google everything!
    Did you see the pictures of the royal family leaving the hospital? Kate looks amazing!

  22. Kate Middleton and her royal baby are everything.

    The new BodyPump release is tough! I think the tricep and shoulder tracks are really hard too!

  23. I hate sweating like a whore in church, last week it was hotter than a goat’s ass in a pepper patch and I thought I was going to melt.
    LOVE the Royal baby hype and how the fuck she looks so amazing the next day is amazing to me. I looked like I had been thrown in a shredder and put back together with staples.

  24. Em says:

    Kiernan Shipka is perfection! How is she so young, yet so stylish?!

  25. That Miley is a clever one, eh? I LOVE love love Suits. The last episode of the second season is amazing.

  26. Megan says:

    I’m obsessed with suits!! Such a good show!!

  27. I like to pretend that I know everyone’s story that I see in passing…especially the ones lingering around Wal-Mart! haha

    I think I could only watch 1.42 seconds of that new Miley video because I called her super annoying and called it quits. Instead of cool weather, let’s cool it down on Miley PEOPLE!

  28. Nicole says:

    Seriously – we could be brain twins…..I have all these thoughts! I spent hours baking last night and much of that time was spent thinking about the new royal baby…..

  29. Danica says:

    That video from Miley Cyrus…just….so beyond terrible (and gross).

    I definitely make up life stories about the people I regularly see at the gym too :)

  30. I am completely obsessed with Suits at the moment. I keep watching it way past when I should be awake after a long day of work and I’m not even sorry about it. Binge-watching at its finest.

  31. Will says:

    haha! this post puts a wide smile on my face. Well, I’m not sure about the rest but the baby definitely caught the attention of many people out there from all around the globe. Have a great weekend

  32. olivetorun says:

    HUGE Bodypump Fan and with that I am DIGGING the new release. The songs are all something that I can sing to and it helps me get through some of the tougher tracks. Oh and hang cleans… yes please.

  33. AshleyCarole says:

    I heard about Miley’s drug reference on the news today and I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea either. I also used to believe that the “powder on your nose” was about makeup. Apparently I have a history of not getting drug references!

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