Is It Just Me…?

…Who puts on comfy pants as soon as you get home? The thought of hanging out at home while wearing jeans makes me cringe. 

…Who will be so thrilled after the election is over? The political mud slinging all over Facebook is really inhibiting important gossip and/or photos from showing up on my newsfeed. 

…Who is reminded of The Lion King during that one part in Fun.’s Some Nights? Please, someone else know what I’m talking about.

…Who was ready for bed at, like, 7:45 last night?

…Who is unexplainably happy that it’s the holiday season?

…Who adores talking to people in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s?

…Who believes in ghosts/spirits? I ask because Cory, Emily, Jamie and I went on a haunted tour of Richmond on Halloween – and I’m the only one who totally believes in that kind of stuff!

…Who thinks afternoon naps on Sundays are the best kind of naps?

…Who has set healthy (or any kind of) goals for the week?

…Who has a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend who plays Call of Duty? I.don’

…Who enjoyed having a weekend full of nothingness? 😉


  1. says

    Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!!! ( … a name I call myself …)
    Fa — a long away to run (goal for this week is to build my mileage back up slowly but surely after my rest week and to integrate more yoga!! DVD on its way!)
    Do — comfy pants are ALWAYS a must do ASAP after getting in the door!
    Ray — the golden sun that I enjoyed during my Sunday of nothingness!!
    So — SOOOOO agree with you on the cuteness of the golden age!! Especially when they’re in couples and obviously still so in love!! And about the bedtime. And the naps. Sleep is awesome.
    La — LALALALALA is the sound that I make whenever anyone brings up the election … it’s getting to the toxic stage …
    Ti — a drink with my Fun Lion King jam — I totally hear it! Didn’t before. Do now!! Karl Wolf’s song Africa reminds me of the Lion King too. SO MUCH FUN!! LK was the first movie I saw in theatres.
    This was such a cute post!! You’re adorable!

  2. says

    ME! To all of the above. Except that it’s the holiday season. I’m excited for Thanksgiving but already stressing over Christmas. I could do without that! I’ve never understood people who hang out at home in regular clothes either :)

  3. Ashley Crute says

    This is why we are friends….

    Before I even put my stuff down or stop by the bathroom, I have changed into my comfy clothes at home

    Yes, I am totally over the political mess and ready to begin my regular stalking.. I mean observing.

    I know the Lion King part :)

    I was ready by then too! And most other nights as well! Also, I am totally ready to start buying a Christmas tree and lights for the condo. Old people are the best!

    Spirits/Ghosts are real.. wait until they get spooked and then they will believe! hahah. Naps anyday are great. I am trying to get back in the Atkins groove this week.

    And the kicker is that Patrick is looking at used Xboxes just so he can buy the new Call of Duty. Maybe we should get on the headphones and talk while they play?

  4. says

    First off, I love your blog.

    Second off, I totally am with you on 90% of the stuff you mentioned. Work pants and tall dress socks are the first things to go when I get home in favor of comfy clothes.

  5. says

    so I read your blog daily, I love it but haven’t commented before. I have to say those this post is so cool and I can relate to a lot of them. An earlier bedtime Sunday night is always needed after a busy weekend, or just any weekend. have a great Monday!

  6. says

    I love comfy clothes – although, I love my jeans too. That song by fun is officially titled “the lion king song” in our house!! All kinds of naps are wonderful, all kinds of political stuff is crappy and my weekend was a good mix of nothingness with some productivity thrown in :)

  7. says

    1. Yes! But if I need to do work at home, I wear jeans (it totally puts me in the right mindset to work, I don’t know why!).
    2. OH YES.
    3. I kind of see it!
    4. Agreed. But, I had to stay up to watch Breaking Amish!
    5. I’m ready for it!
    6. They do have some interesting stories.
    7. Can’t prove they don’t exist!
    8. Absolutely. Participated yesterday!
    9. For the month!×5-on-115/
    10. Had an ex that did. Drove. Me. Nuts.
    11. Not quite, but still good!

  8. Mary Ellen McCarthy says

    jeans or pajama pants or sweats whenI get home.If jeans are tight off they go. Trying to lose so more and more are getting loose.
    I will be very happpy when the election is over. I do hope for a special winner but I just want an END
    Sorry I am not catching the Lion King reference.
    I love to talk to people in their 70s, 80s or 90s. But I like to listen more. I like to talk and listen to all ages. I find people facsinating.
    I believe in spirits living in this world. They are stuck or have unfinished business or are appearing as angels.
    I used to just walk for exercise. I have joined a gym and have actually gone. Today was water aerobics. Next Yoga. Friday is my hour free with personal trainer. There sure is a lot of work involved. I go after work so I need a bag for my dirty clothes from the day, clothes to put on for the work out, clothes to put on after the work out. Then there is the swimming suit (no dryer in my gym) extra towell to wrap the wet suit while you dry yourself with a dry towel. I’m not even going to go into the hair or where to keep your keys or… just goes on and on.
    I Love a Nap no matter what Day it is.

  9. says

    Yes, to the comfy pants!! That is always the first thing I do… it just doesn’t feel right to be home without comfy pants on :) Sundays are also my favorite nap time, specially while football is on, I love laying on the couch and reading/snoozing!

  10. says

    I will be a happy woman in my comfy stretchy pants tonight once all of the election commercials are over, although I probably will be asleep by 9PM and won’t know the results until tomorrow morning 😛 And now that Halloween is over I’m happily and fully embracing the holiday cheer- bring on the merriment, peppermint, and lots of decorations!

  11. Susan says

    I totally believe in ghosts! I had several ghostly encounters living in a 100 year old renovated building in Chicago years ago. After the fact, I found out that during renovation they found a body bag hidden in a wall with a seemingly beheaded man inside. Scary!

  12. Sienna says

    I went to bed at 8:15pm last night and my normal bedtime is 10pm! I certainly haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time yet.

  13. Kathleen says

    Oh my gosh. The first thing I do when I get home from work/school is change into comfy clothes! My sister makes fun of me, but wearing jeans when I don’t need to be is a sin. I am even more afraid of the anti-whoever-wins friends of mine on facebook and their comments. Or hate statuses. But the holidays make me SO happy and I have been ready for Christmas for, like, a week! BRING. IT. ON.

    Thanks for having your blog! I just love reading it! :)

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