This weekend we had a little bit of celebrating to do!

My other half has a birthday on Wednesday, so I felt it was necessary to throw a little party. It wasn’t just any party, though. See, Cory is obsessed with all-things Apple, so I knew that had to be the theme of the party.

It was actually really fun to plan this party because a) Cory deserves it, and b) I knew the theme was just perfect. We had tons of food, alcohol (woof.), and themed desserts.

Seriously?! How perfect are these. I called upon the wickedly talented people over at Frostings to help me with my cupcake idea. They did the cupcakes for our wedding, so I knew they’d be great!

While I recruited help for my cupcakes, Emily took matters into her own hands and actually made the cutest, most perfect cookies for this party!

I was super impressed. 

And what would an Apple-themed birthday party be without Steve Jobs? Right. It wouldn’t be one. While the real Steve wasn’t able to show up (too soon?), we managed to make due.

Creepy? Sort of. Hilarious? Absolutely.

I felt very lucky to be able to spend some time with our best friends. Cory honestly deserves the world, so I’m happy we were able to start off his birthday celebrations surrounded by the ones we love most.

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14 Responses to iParty

  1. sounds like an awesome birthday celebration! i love those cookies and the cupcakes!

  2. iLOVE this idea. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I actually just started typing and forgot caps lock was still on when I first started typing)

    Everything is hilarious, but the cookies and genius bar and hilarious and adorable at the same time.

  3. That’s an awesome idea for a party! I love the drinks menu, haha. Looks like fun, and Happy Birthday Cory!

  4. The love the party theme! Too cute!

  5. Awesome party theme :) Happy birthday Cory!

  6. so adorable…those cookies are super impressive!!

  7. what a cute theme!! oh and ps your tanning experience vid was hilarious! :P

  8. So cute / funny… love all the special touches!

  9. Hahahah wait this is so cute. I love Apple. Get me summa dose cupcakes!

  10. I AM super impressed. What a lucky guy :)

  11. This just might be the most AWESOME party idea I’ve ever seen! Like, I’m in shock at how cool you are hahahaha let’s be friends and you can come throw me my next birthday? Okay thanks. Hahaha but seriously this is amazing. Oh and those cookies are flippin’ kick ass. Happy belated birthday Cory!!

  12. I am SO impressed with that creativity…. awesome job!!!

  13. Brittany says:

    this is legit the cutest and most creative thing i have ever seen…i am so impressed!!!

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