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In grade school, I was the epitome of an ugly ducking. I was chubby, had braces, massive green-rimmed glasses, and I fell prey to the slicked back pony tail look.

I know girls my age remember that look. We used clips and pins and water from the bathroom sink throughout the school day to make sure our pony tails were perfectly slicked back. It didn’t matter when my mom said I looked bald in every picture I took, because I knew it looked so kewl.

The summer before 7th grade, God probably felt like I had burned enough innocent retinas, and granted me some mercy in the form of straight teeth, contacts and repositioned body fat. Guys, things changed.

Well, sort of.

I mean, I looked different, but I still loved N*SYNC, boys with frosted tips, and going to bed early. I still made the same inside jokes with my best friend, I was still miserable at math, and still hated PE class. Even though the outside changed, my inside remained the same.

And as silly as it sounds, the new Coffee-mate design by David Bromstad reminds me a whole lot about gaining my “new look” during the summer before 7th grade.


Bromstad has partnered with Coffee-mate and Target to create a new look for Coffee-mate [my fave, you know that.] It obviously looks fresh and updated, but it’s great because the inside has stayed the same. My beloved vanilla? Looks cool, but still has the same classic comforting taste. I even stepped outside the box and picked up some Hazelnut. [I live on the edge.]

And, yeah, that reminds me of myself – or any of us, really. Our outside appearance is going to change at some point or another, but the inspiring part is when we keep all of our goodness on the inside the same.


“For more inspired fun, snap a photo of the newly designed bottles and share it on Facebook with the hashtag #CMInspiresSweepsEntry for a chance to win a year’s worth of Coffee-mate, $500 Target GiftCards, and a signed print from David Bromstad!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

[Thank you for your support as I continue to work with sponsors. Homegirl here has drive thru addiction.]


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    I wish coffee would contact me to do a post. (Since I am the coffee queen). Seriously though I can relate…I was so awkward in grade school. We should do a TBT on Thursday. I bet we would have been great friends! Hahaha

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