I’m SO Excited!

..And I just can’t hide it! Wooahh! Woooahh! 😀

Even though I had to set an alarm in order to fit in a workout this morning, it’s all worth it, my friends. Why? I get to spend the whole day with two of my favorite people ever! One of them you already know – my BFF, Jamie. The other one is my Big (it’s a sorority thing) and one of my closest friends, Emily! Look at those mugs, how could I not love them? 😉

Both girls are in my wedding and the three of us are going out this afternoon so they can try on bridesmaids dresses! I just squealed with delight. Not like a pig, like an excited girl 😀

I’m assuming that many pictures of silliness, food and consumption of adult beverages will ensue – I’ll make sure most of them are appropriate and able to be posted as documentation of our weekend 😉

This morning’s workout was great! I did a little over two miles on the treadmill, and I was proud that I kept a 6.3 pace the whole time, even with hills. Trust me, 6.3 on the treadmill is usually a chore – I like to hang around 6.0 most of the time 😉 After my run, I did this amazing circuit that I found on Gina’s blog. She has set up a winter shape up program and it looks as though I’m a week behind –  but I did the intermediate/advanced circuit for week one. Check it out!

Breakfast was cereal with a banana. Shocking, I know. Do you have one meal out of the day that’s a “staple” meal? I mean, I love cereal. It makes me happy. I don’t think I’ll ever stop eating cereal :)

Well, Jamie will be here soon, so I need to go get ready! I hope you have a marvelous Saturday!

Oh, this is something my friend Lindsay showed me and it’s I think it’s just too funny not to share with you. It’s a little weird, but it makes me laugh every time. Let me know if you giggled a little, too :)



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