I’m Getting Paid for This?

Hey, friends! Happy Friday! Man, this week has totally flown by, hasn’t it? First of all – thank you so much for supporting my friend Shannon. I can’t wait to hear the results! I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop :) The winner of the Love Grown Granola is:

Congrats and a huge thanks, Megan! Please email me your shipping address to lunchboxdiares[at]gmail[dot]com :)


Yesterday was such a blast of a work day. It was one of those times when I thought “I’m getting paid for today? Seriously?”

One cool (small) part of my job is going to health fairs. Normally, I talk to people about mental health, but yesterday was different because everyone involved brought a healthy snack to share with the employees, so I got to talk about food!

My colleague, Mike, made a fantastic Indian dish that was a huge hit. But we all know that homegirl isn’t allowed in skilled in the kitchen setting, but that doesn’t mean I’m a stranger to healthy snacks.

Enter: my two of my all time favorite companies!

Love Grown Foods


My table was stocked with the best of the best, and the NASA people were psyched about it! Like, so psyched, that not one thing was left by the end of the event. (Cory was actually a little upset that I came home empty handed! He’s been wanted to try the Chobani Flip, and he loves some Love Grown Hot Oats)

I loved spending a few hours talking about my favorite products and telling people how genuinely kind these companies are. People were quite impressed! Several people asked if I worked for Chobani and/or Love Grown – my answer was I WISH! 😉



  1. Katie Barber says

    I am OBSESSED with the chobani flips!! The key lime is my favorite, and I also really love the vanilla golden crunch. I’ve been taking them almost every day in my lunch.

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