I’m Back!!

Oh my gosh, hello!! Wow, has it really been a month already?! When I decided I’d take a month away from the blog, I had several people say, aren’t you nervous about losing readers?

First, I don’t blog for stats and readers. Second, I really didn’t think I’d “lose” too many of you! But, if you are here today, I genuinely appreciate it!

Taking a month off from blogging was fantastic! There were some days when I questioned if I’d come back, but ultimately, this is a hobby that I greatly enjoy – so why give it up?!

I had time to come up with things I’d like to write about in the future, but we can get to that later. Let’s play a little game of catch up today :)

August was a total blast.

I hung out with my neighbors almost every weekend. I cannot explain how truly blessed we feel to have moved into a neighborhood with such an awesome group of people.

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary with dinner and dessert! It blows my mind that we got married two years ago. It feels like it happened yesterday and a million years ago all at once.

 My brother and his girlfriend, Erin, came to visit us for a weekend. As always, it was such a fun time.

We went bowling with some friends, and I ordered a beer for the first time in my life. Bold Rock hard cider is about the only beer I can handle without feeling like I’m drinking piss.

A horrible picture, but the youngest sister wife had a birthday. Jamie turned the big 2-5 in August!

My cousin Patrick got married this past weekend! It was a beautiful ceremony, a fantastic reception, and the bride was stunning (and the groom is a stud.)

Wedding weekends are a big deal in my family. All of us get together and it’s just good fun. We have a tendency to overtake hotel lobbies, order pizza, and drink too much. For some reason, my family was giving me a hard time about carrying my flask with me this weekend. But once I saw this happening, it all became clear. The apple really doesn’t fall far, does it…? 😉

Wait…does Grandma have a flask?

Oh no..it’s just the whole bottle. 

Good job, Mare. Good job. 

**EDIT TO ADD (from my grandmother)**
 Two more photos to round out the wedding weekend, and I’ll catch you guys soon!!

Have a good one, my friends!!


    • says

      Emily I have been contemplating this same thing about a dry wedding I’m going to next month, but I think I’ve finally just decided I am going to bring one! Why not? As long as you keep it classy and don’t make it obvious!

      Glad to see you back Colleen I love reading your posts!!

  1. Mare says

    I cannot believe you posted that picture of me.. You could have explained that I insist on mixing my own, because my children and grandchildren make them much too strong. (BTW that drink was much weaker than it appears.)

  2. says

    HAH I love love love the photo of your grandma (and her comment) which I know I already said on Instagram but it needed to be said here 😉

    I’m not a huge fan of beer either but I love that Bold Rock cider!

  3. Ashley says

    I love your grandma and I love that you found Bold Rock! I went to a tasting at their place and it is simply the best! Next time we visit I’ll be sure to bring some!

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