I Hate Penske

Dear Pricks at Penske To Whom it May Concern:

This weekend, my husband and I had the misfortune of renting one of your trucks. While we needed the truck for 24 hours, your company mandated that we rent it for three days, hence jacking up the price.

Yet, you were still the most affordable rental, and because we’re watching our finances closely due to recently signing our lives away via mortgage papers – we went with you.

Upon arrival to Home Depot, we were told the size truck we ordered was unavailable and that instead, we’d be given a 26 foot truck (which was larger than what we ordered.)

Great. Because who doesn’t love maneuvering a huge ass truck down the highway for 8 hours?

While I cannot complain to your company about the task that is packing a truck, please let me say that it was a laborious endeavor that left my husband and myself quite drained.

And the fact that we got on the road on Sunday morning at 2 AM is neither here nor there – but we were fucking exhausted when we journeyed home in your death trap of a truck.

Three hours into our eight hour trip back home, at 5 AM, sparks began to fly from the battery, located on the passenger’s side.

Penske, I know we’ve never met, but I’m precious cargo.

Then, as we were going down 1-81 at 60 miles per hour in the pitch black early morning – the electrical blew. The headlights shut off, as did all of lights on the dash.

Did I mention it was dark Рand that we were on the highway Рand that I was unaware I was auditioning for a horror movie? 

Upon calling your emergency hotline, the kind man (Bob) who answered the phone was apologetic, but the quickest he could get a mechanic out to us was an hour and a half.

And so, we sat. In a truck on the side of the highway, which shook like a madman every time a truck drove by. Which was often, as I-81 seems to be the popular route for every trucker and his brother.

Penske, when your mechanic arrived, he did what he could. Praise the Good Lord that he had the part he needed. Damn you for giving us a broken truck that stranded us on the side of the highway with no food or bathroom for four hours.

After your truck jeopardized the safety of my husband and myself, and stole four hours out of our lives, a common sense approach would be that your company would comp us the truck.

But, no.

You offered to give us 10% off.

When my husband argued that, you offered a 20% discount.

Finally, my husband told you he’d make it simple: we didn’t want to pay for your POS¬†truck.

In the end, we saved $200 (i.e. the amount of gas.)

Penske, I’m beyond dissatisfied with your service (except for Bob) and the quality of your trucks. In the future, I suggest that your staff do routine maintenance checks before sending a paying customer on the road.



  1. says

    Wow. This kind of falls in line with my new (to me) expletive: “PEOPLE!!!!!” There’s an uncanny number of people who suck. I’m sorry about your experience :( I’ve always had good luck with U-Haul but not sure where it stands in the pricing ranks.

  2. Lauren says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH can’t help laughing!!!!!!!!!!

    I was SHOCKED to see how big that damn truck was. I think we may have had the 20 footer so you got stuck with the 26 LOL. And poor Davie had to drive ours all alone!

    I did get a ride in it, wasn’t impressed at all. What kind of vehicle do you have to jiggle and pump the parking break around just to get it to start without making horrid beeping sounds at you.

    Coolest thing about the truck, you can do whatever you want when it comes to parking, just take up 8 spots at once, no big deal.

  3. says

    Oh man! Moving trucks suck! My boyfriend and I rented one last year that, no joke, would not go over 30 miles an hour! 30 miles/hour on the interstate! I had a headache from all of the beeping the other drivers were doing, and needless to say we were both a bit cranky when we got to our new place!
    ~ Cat

  4. says

    Are you hungry? You sound a little hangry! I love you. I greatly enjoyed our 5 hours together on the side of 81. I wouldn’t choose to spend them with anybody else. Love you!

  5. Cristin says

    Yikes! I am glad you guys are ok. Good job making them give you more of a discount but I agree, it shoulda been free. Not to mention you have a bizzillion readers on your blog & they aren’t gonna want the negative review out there. They are dumb.

  6. says

    Oh my Lord, what a horrible experience! We’ve had so many rough days with moving trucks (though nothing like yours) that we have decided we will forever just hire a moving company. Expensive, but worth it. Congrats on the move being DONE!

  7. says

    We saw your post and Tweet earlier today. We are very sorry for the issues caused during your move. We contacted you and have worked out a resolution. Thanks for using Penske Truck Rental. We do appreciate your business and care about the experience we deliver to our customers.

  8. mary ellen says

    What a terrible ordeal and a frightening experience. You are lucky to be alive. No lights working on the truck while you were stranded on the side of a busy interstate with speeding semi tractor trailers going by in the dark???!!!! You two could have been crushed like a bug even though it was a 26 foot truck. Some people have to have a special driver’s license to drive vehicles that large. Do you or Cory have a CDL (commercial driver’s license?) As a concerned citizen who pays insurance on a vehicle and tolls and taxes for the road services; I would have been very upset if I had hit you because I didn’t see you in the dark on a busy highway. I think I would have wanted to get representation to cover damages that might have incurred. Even the stress and emotional strain might have caused punitive damages. Time lost from a paying job is the least of a person’s worries at this point, but something to take into consideration. I do hope that the Penske post that was apparently supplied by Penske was true and that there was a fair resolution. I hope this would include all financial responsibilities being covered by Penske. I believe also that had you not had that large of a vehicle you probably would not have that large of a petro bill. I doubt that you would feel comfortable using this company again; but I hope they offered a future free of charge use of a truck in good working condition, maybe with Bob as a driver for the length of service. Thank God you are both alive and able to continue your lives together as a new couple with a future ahead of you. Peace and Prayers and may God continue blessing you.

  9. says

    You poor thing. I am so glad you and your husband are okay!!!! My husband and I also had a bad experience with Penske. We picked up the truck on a Saturday, and they over priced us by $200.00 and couldn’t end the transaction since we paid w/ our check card. Yeah they refunded us that upcoming Monday, but it didn’t hit our bank account until that following Thursday. All they could say was “oh sorry”. I will never again go w/ them again.

  10. says

    Oh wow, that sounds so scary! Glad you guys are ok. I would have fought them on paying for a broken truck too. I’ve always used Uhaul and have yet to have a problem (knock on wood!)

    • Colleen says

      Actually, when we were still in the parking lot of Home Depot (where we had to pick up the truck), it was making pretty breakdown “predictable” noises and we inquired about taking another truck, but since they had no other trucks available, they said there wasn’t anything we could do. Also, it wasn’t even the type of truck we ordered, so it was a double disappointment from the start. Never said it was intentional, but it really did suck. Thanks for reading, Craig!

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