HLB’s 2,013 by 2013 Challenge!

I’ve been writing down my thoughts since I was about 8 years old. Did you know, that before I started this blog, I never let anyone read anything I wrote? So as a timid writer, you can imagine how out-of-the-box it was for me to start a public blog.

In the beginning, I made some rookie mistakes. I wrote about things that I thought other people cared about. I suppressed my personal writing voice in attempts to sound like other people. I said “yes” to every and any free product and opportunity that came my way (seriously, Cory was like, “WTF? What’s with all this random food that tastes like shit?”)

Despite my missteps, I made one good choice early on. My very first monetary blog investment – as minimal as it was! – was becoming a member of Healthy Living Blogs.

I love HLB because of the infectious community. It doesn’t matter if your blog receives 10 thousand or ten pages views a day – it’s about connecting with people. As a member, you’re blog is listed under the Blogs A to Z tab. HLB makes it easy for you to connect with bloggers in your area!

I’m sure you’ve also heard about totally awesome Healthy Living Summit. I don’t really want to talk about it, because I’ve yet to attend. This makes me terribly upset. But if I put my jealousy aside, I can’t help but adore the amazing bloggers that put this weekend together!

 Another thing I love about HLB is the constant encouragement to help make each member a better blogger. Blog Tip Thursday is one of my favorite things. Seriously, you have to check out all the topics that have been covered thus far.

So why am I blabbing on and on about this? It’s simple. My amazing friends at HLB have set an awesome end of the year goal:

Gah, so awesome! I’m thrilled about this little challenge and they’re so close to hitting their goal! I’m hoping that if you’re not yet a member, you seriously consider signing up! For a mere ten bucks, you’d have access to this incredible community. That’s like, two Starbucks coffees 😉

Let’s chat – Are you a member of HLB? If not, are you considering joining?


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