Hello, Richmond!

Well, friends. We’re here! :)

Friday was the big moving day, and despite my everything-that-can-go-wrong nightmares the night before, it was an extremely smooth process.

My mom came over to see us off, and we were met with the open arms of Cory’s family, Emily, and Jamie. It was an emotional day for me, because leaving my mom was terribly sad, so it’s been beyond comforting to come to a place with familiar faces.

On Friday, Cory’s mom made us a delicious dinner, and we all sat around and relaxed for a bit. I was too tired to admit that Cory and I had lots of work to do :)

Truth be told – we have been on such a roll with unpacking. When we moved in together in July, it took us 4 months to unpack – and this time we’re almost finished after 2 days.

I love this area and I love being so close to Emily and Jamie. It was so neat to have an impromptu dinner date with Emily last night! I was also so proud of myself for navigating my way to her place and back home without getting lost!

I’ll have more detailed posts to come, but for now, I’m simply getting used to the place. But from where I’m sitting (aka: our living room), things are looking pretty great :)

Let’s chat – How many times have you moved? I’m not counting college, so I’ve moved twice. In less than a year! 


  1. says

    I say that is a very nice view! Beautiful!

    Glad you guys got there safe and no disasters in the moving process!

    Happy Monday girl!

  2. says

    I’m glad you’re transitioning well! I moved once when I was five, and another time when I was 10- right before sixth grade. That was the toughest move, because I was entering the last year of elementary school and everyone already had their friends. It took me about 2 years to adjust.

  3. says

    your place looks awesome! congrats on the easy move!

    I’ve moved twice. we recently moved halfway across the country to Chicago away from family and friends (yikes!) a few months ago. it’s been an interesting transition. enjoy your new home!!

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    Congrats on the big move! The view looks amazing. I myself have moved about 7 or 8 times in my life. Crazy, I know, but I moved to LA — then move twice in LA — moved back to NY, and have moved about 4 times in NYC. Insane.

  5. says

    that view is amazing!
    I only moved once in my childhood just to a different house (same area). Between 2006 and 2011 I lived in 3 diff apartments (all in the same area again) and then the only time actually doing a big move was when we moved here to NC and that was hectic. Im sure we will move into a house in the next few years but for now i am fine in our little cozy apartment haha

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    welcome!! i take it you’re living downtown based on the city view, shockoe bottom area? let me know if you need any help getting acquainted or if you’d like to grab lunch/coffee sometime! i work downtown & know of alot of great foodie spots (there and in the Fan). also if you need any info on west end/short pump i live out there so let me know – whole foods/ tjs/ etc :) :) i’ve actually lived in 4 different places (in rva) since college and am about to make it 5!

    • Colleen says

      Hey Stephanie!! YES to coffee soon! I’ve been on the lookout (since Friday) for a place that looks like a nice atmosphere to sit down and chat over a good cup of coffee :) Any suggestions?

      • says

        I’ve heard good things about Shockoe Espresso in the Bottom (good lunch options too, may try out this week and confirm!) and also Lamplighter which is in the Fan area. I’d love to meet up and grab coffee anytime you’re free, just let me know! I’m sure I could talk your ear off about great RVA places to try haha 😉 PS love the exposed brick in your apartment, so pretty. I can’t wait to move back downtown, love the buildings there and just the character all around!

  7. Ashley says

    Not including college… I have NEVER moved!!! I am super nervous that after I get married I have to make the big move and I haven’t done it before! YIKES!!! I love the new place!! I am so excited for the both of you and Cam!

  8. says

    I have moved far too many times! Growing up I lived in three towns in Connecticut, two in New Jersey, and one in Missouri. My husband and I lived in three different apartments before buying our townhouse. We’ve been here 5 years now with no plans to move any time soon! Good luck with your unpacking!

  9. says

    Congrats on the move! And um, HELLO…that places looks AMAZING! The view! The exposed brick! The fire place/mantle! OMG it’s sooo Richmond and sooooo gorgeous! I’m totally jealous of how much fun you will have decorating!!!

    Post college I’ve moved 3 times. From my college townhouse in with Jon. From Jon’s into a pre-house apartment. Then from pre-house apartment to current home! I hate moving though. Like, a lot.

  10. says

    That view is INCREDIBLE! What a beautiful place. Can’t wait until you are all settled :) I’ve moved 4 times…to college (where I moved every year), in with the now husband, into a basement and the best of all…to NY!

  11. crystal c. says

    i’m so happy to hear that the move is going smooth! how is cam doing with it?? i LOVE the exposed brick wall and LOVE the view from your livingroom! looks like you guys found a great place there!

    • Colleen says

      Thanks, Crystal!! Campbell is slowly adjusting. He’s not eating!! I don’t know what to do with him. The view from our living room is super cool at night – I really like it! I hope wedding planning is going well!

  12. Crystal Coppel @cuppycakefreak says

    When I moved across the country with my cats it took them a few days to get back to normal with eating and just being out from under the bed. I am sure people have told you this but if it lasts a few more days maybe call the vet and see what they say! Almost 3 months to the big day!!!! Sooo exciting! But OMG I feel like there is still soooo much to do! Can’t wait to hear more about Richmond! :)

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    I’d say that view was worth the move alone! 😉

    I have moved 5 times (no college moving) and the last 4 moves have been after 2 years in each place since Evan and I got married. we’ll move again next year when we have baby#2 and hopefully into our first HOUSE. I have no desire to move from the town we’re in, I hate moving and with kids and multiple pets….OY VEY.

    FYI, nobody looks that good or excited about moving so stop giving people misguided ideas that they too can be happy and look amazing while moving!!! Not cool Colleen. 😛

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