Happy Birthday, Cory!

Five years ago, after several months of dating, Cory and I spent his 21st birthday together. At 19 years old, I thought it was so cool that I’d be dating someone old enough to buy alcohol. I mean really, that was neat 😉

We met up at school to celebrate with friends, but we both ended up coming down with a stomach virus by 6PM on the night of his birthday celebration.

Co-driving the Porcelain Bus with my semi-new boyfriend on his 21st birthday was not how I had it planned out in my mind – but hey, barf happens.

While he did experience a sadly unique 21st birthday, I think we made up for it a few years later. Cory’s 24th birthday was pretty flippin’ fantastic. We had been engaged for 8 days and we were in Madrid, Spain backpacking our way around Europe.

And now, he’s having his first birthday as a married man. I think that fact is more exciting to me than it is to him, but I just can’t believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished since that silly, sick 21st birthday in Farmville, VA.

It makes my heart smile.

Happy birthday, Cory! You’re the best husband around, the best friend I could ever have, and you make my world a better place – simply by being you. Here’s to a great birthday. I can’t wait to see what 26 has in store for you!

Let’s chat:

  • Go ahead, say happy birthday! He reads the blog 😉
  • Do you have a favorite birthday memory? Cory and I spent my 21st in Vegas, which was pretty neat! 


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    Awww this is beautiful! It’s not the milestone birthdays that count, it’s the birthdays in which you have the most memories together and it sounds like this one will be one for the books (especially after that Apple party ;)). Happy birthday Cory!

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    Love this! Happiest birthday to Cory!!! :)
    It’s so fun to think of past birthdays… My husband and I ended his 21st birthday in the White Castle drive through ordering every single thing off the menu because we thought we were hilarious.

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    Happy Birthday!! That story is hilarious! That’s how I spent this last Christmas with my in-laws. It was the first time meeting most of them…and I was horrified to be stuck in the bathroom for four days. Lol!

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    how fun!!
    Happy birthday Cory!
    I enjoyed my 21st birthday! It was on superbowl sunday so we had a huge party and then the next day we continued the party and I flew out to belize with a good friend of mine! FUN!

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    Happy Birthday! You two are so cute together. 😀 That’s quite a fun bday memory. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I can see how it’d be perfect for a 21st. I spent my 21st in Atlanta; my girlfriends and I had a pretty good time!

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