Great Weather, Great Weekend!

I don’t know about you, but since the weather made the drastic change from fucking miserable to absolutely gorgeous, I feel ecstatic. Even the simplest things are, like, the most fantastic things ever. 

And this weekend had no shortage of the most fantastic things ever.

Friday, it was my turn to host the monthly neighborhood bunco party. Nevermind the fact that I am becoming my mother, I had such a blast.

We all know that Susie Homemaker isn’t really my title, but I pretend to the best of my ability. I found this wine spritzer on Pintrest and it was a super huge hit.

On Saturday, after inhaling a bacon, egg and cheese bagel to quell my pending hangover, we spent ALL DAY doing yard work. It was so nice out, that I didn’t even mind the hours of manual labor.

Don’t let that dirt-eating grin fool you. That labor-loving feeling wore off on Sunday morning. We (read: Cory) are building a deck, and while I didn’t mind spending hours removing sod on Saturday, by Sunday, I was yelling across a 120-pound auger. Something along the lines of, Why aren’t we paying someone to do this?!, may have been thrown out there.

Regardless, Cory worked his ass off (he loves doing this kind of handy stuff) and I helped out where I could. As a result, I spent two days outside without sunscreen. I broke my cardinal WEAR SUNSCREEN rule and am ridiculously angry at myself.

(In case you didn’t know, I am the unofficial spokesmodel for Elmer’s Glue.)

I’m sure you’re upset that you weren’t here to witness the romantic pathetic act of Cory rubbing aloe all over my burnt, burnt body.

And that, my friends, is my mostly perfect weekend in a nutshell!

*If you take nothing away from this post, trust me on the sunscreen 😉



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    Ouch! That looks like one hell of a burn. My best friend got burned on her shoulders one summer, and it took her like three years to get the lines to fade. Hopefully that isn’t your fate! Aloe, aloe, aloe.

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    Ouch! I made the very smart decision a couple weeks ago to go tan outside for an hour without sunblock and after a very pale winter. Needless to say, I’ve been in sleeved outfits since then.

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    Oh no! That burn looks painful! After a few too many sunburns in high school, I now make sure to slather on the SPF 30 before I spend time outside. I used to think that I wouldn’t get a tan if I wore sunscreen, but I still do! It’s still not quite sunscreen weather here, but hopefully soon it’ll warm up and stay warm!

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    I love your phone case. So cute. I also got crazy burned this weekend and it freaking HURTS. I know mine is going to peel, and I’m pretty pissed… I had to deal with the sunburn and it isn’t even going to turn into a tan. Really?!

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    I think I would be yelling the same thing at Tyler…I’m sure he already loves me for the amount I complain haha! How cute are you in your little party pics…I secretly love how those happen every month!! And…ugh, I think I love you even more because of your phone case. Let’s just say I’ve been on eBay looking for chevron cases this weekend. Soul mates.

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    Ah that burn!!! My bf and I were moving and he burned his neck! I don’t get how some people burn so easily! Hope you feel better!

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    Yikes. I’ve gotten my fair share of sunburns too:( I’m really pale so any color I get is usually in the shades of red. My mom taught me a trick to cool the burn… put a jar of Noxzema cleansing cream in the fridge and slather it on for a while once it gets really cold. Its always seemed to help me! Hope you feel better soon.

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