Go with Bo

It’s election season. Who’s enjoying the mud slinging, nasty chain emails, and ignorant Facebook statuses?

Yeah. I’ve got to be honest with you – I’m tired of that.

Let’s switch up the campaigning shall we? Today, I’m not talkin’ about why you should be a Democrat or Republican  – I’m talkin’ about why you should Go with Bo, the Relay Foods cow.

Bo stands for simplicity – and that’s something that’s wildly important to me and my busy schedule. Even though I have grocery shopping down to a science, it still takes up a good chunk of my Sunday afternoons.

Driving to the store, wandering the aisles, and being distracted by impulse buys are all a part of a regular shopping trip. And let’s not leave out the inevitable moment when I’m in the check out line and realize I’ve forgotten an essential item from my list, like toilet paper.

Did we any rolls left at home? Do I lose my spot and go back to aisle 12? Do I take a risk and leave my stuff on the belt, sprint to the TP, and hope to make it back before the cashier scans my last item?

Whatever the decision, it’s never simple.

But with Bo, I make my list online and her people do the shopping for me. I choose my pick up location (mine was two blocks from my apartment – #winning) and go pick them up the following day.

No long lines, no self-check outs questioning my competency, and no hassle. Just a nice dude with a truck, ready to hand over my groceries.

My grocery outing on a normal Sunday takes an hour and fifteen minutes out of my day but with Relay Foods, I was out and back home in fifteen minutes.

If you ask me, the answer is simple. My vote is for Bo. She has the ability to make my life a little easier. You know, to free up my time so I can spend it doing more important things :)

I’m Colleen Nichols, and I approved this message.

**If you live in Richmond or any of the cities that Relay Foods serves (DC/NOVA/Baltimore, Charlottesville, and Philly) you can use the promo code LunchBox to get $25 off your purchase of $50 or more! It’s valid through December 31, 2012**


  1. says

    I did a trial with Arganica, before it joined with Relay, and it was pretty nice. I just couldn’t eat a weekly giant box of produce :) Maybe now that it’s Relay I’ll look at it again.

    PS. I just went to the website and saw squid ink linguine. I think that is too interesting to not try.

  2. Lindsay Harlow says

    THANK YOU for acknowledging how ridiculous people get during election season. I love that we all have the right to our own opinions and can let them be heard at the poll, but I think people forget about the poll part and want their voice to be heard everywhere, especially my news feed. Haha! Anyways, I have never head of Go with Bo but it sounds awesome! I hate how tempted I get at the grocery store and always give into impulse buys. I feel like that would no longer be an issue if I were ordering my groceries online. My roommates and I fall prey to unhealthy grocery shopping habits EVERY SINGLE time!

  3. Emily Bellaachia says

    I’m going to do it this weekend! I can’t wait! I love grocery shopping, but this looks too fun to pass up!

  4. says

    “No self check-outs questioning my competency” HA! So true to life! Those lines are so stressful with everyone peering down your neck and judging you for bringing fresh produce to the self check-out when you don’t look up bananas fast enough. Such a hassle! Wish they had Relay Foods up north!

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