Genghis Grill

Oh my goodness, is anyone else wondering where the weekend went?! It’s been relaxing here in my neck of the woods, but its’ just flow by!

Yesterday Cory and I attend our pre-cana class. I’d be lying if I said I was pumped about the situation, but I’d also be fibbing if I said I walked away without some valuable knowledge nuggets. More to come in a later post!

Genghis Grill

After the pre-cana, Cory and I went to this new restaurant, Genghis Grill, and it was so neat! It’s a Mongolian themed grill, and I was a fan because you get to make your own dish.

When you’re seated, you’re handed a metal bowl that you take through a salad bar-type line.

First you choose what protein you’d like. I mixed in some chicken and shrimp.

Next up is the spices and veggies. I threw in some peppers, onions, spinach, cilantro, mushrooms, salt and pepper.

We then picked a sauce – I can’t remember the exact name of the one I ended up with (because you could taste-test all of them) – but it was a teriyaki sauce that was pretty tasty!

Lastly we picked our starches – brown rice for me – and all the contents of our metal bowl were cooked on a huge grill while we went back to our table a to chat while we waited :)

After 10 or 15 minutes they brought us the delicious finished products!

I ate every bite, and I had to restrain myself from licking the bowl. The only aftermath complaint I have it that it was so salty. I’m positive it was the sauce that put me over the edge – so next time I’ll go much lighter with the teriyaki :)

I’m off to enjoy my Sunday – I hope you do the same!

Let’s chat – Have you tried any new restaurants lately? Or are you sticking with the tried-and-true?


  1. says

    Hi love!

    We have a place like that here called flat top, and I love it!

    Hope you have a great day today! Wedding countdown : )

  2. says

    We have a restaurant like that here, as well. I’ve only been there one time, and besides being a little pricey, it was pretty good! I don’t like my food too salty either. Every time I eat sushi I use low sodium soy sauce, and I still have to remind myself not to use too much, or I will be drinking tons of water all night long!

  3. Lauren says

    Yummm! There was a place like this in San Antonio called HuHot. I was obsessed. The best part was that it was unlimited & you could go back up as many times as you wanted. Haha def trouble but so good!

  4. says

    Oh, I love mongolian grills! It’s the best kind of restaurant for my husband and me, because he can put 12 kinds of meat in his, and I can put tofu in mine. See? Perfect!

  5. erica says

    you should check out the big bowl in reaton town center. it ha a very similar concept and an amazing choice of vegetables! btw, i love reading your blog because i can axtually check out the restaurants you go to since i live in nova too (:

    • Colleen says

      Hi, Erica! Oh my gosh, I’ve seen The Big Bowl, but I’ve never gone in – now I totally have to! That’s so cool that you live in NOVA! Where about? I’m over in Centreville.

  6. says

    that restaurant looks like a lot of fun! I wish there was one near me! Our cafeteria has a similar concept- choose protein, vegetables, sauce, add noodles and/or rice- but not nearly as many choices!

  7. says

    Hi! I’m new to your blog and just wanted to comment – i just found it today and read through a bunch of your posts and wanted to say congrats to you and your fiance and i look forward to reading more!

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