I’ve got to be honest with you.

I’ve been in a funk to end all funks this week.

I won’t get into unflattering details, but the fact that it’s been raining for what seem like the last ten years is the icing on my funky cake.

I left work yesterday and it was pouring. You know when rain resembles a monsoon and there’s that terribly awkward moment of desperation in which you attempt to get in your car, close your umbrella and stay dry all at the same time?

That was my life yesterday. Not even my under garments stood a chance.

Just add it to the funk list.

Night class, traffic, more rain and some scary car trouble helped me sink deeper into my funky ‘tude.

And then I came home and got a call from my brother telling me he really liked an old blog post. If you don’t know, my younger brother is one of my favorite people on the planet.

He’s funnier than all get out, and he’s always been ten times cooler than me. But’s okay – sometimes he spreads the love and makes me feel cool.

And just like that, without even knowing it, he helped start to pull me out of my funk.

And then I saw that one of my favorite bloggers ever, posted her first Totally Truthful Thursday video blog!  And whaddayaknow, that helped me take another huge step out of my funk.

And the fact that I’m going to spend the weekend with these two mugs makes my heart smile.

And the fact that I sucked up the last bit of my funk and laid it out on the treadmill for a 5-mile run this morning makes me feel pretty darn good, too :)

Have a happy, funk-free weekend!

Let’s chat – The last person to pay me a compliment was ______ and they said ________.


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    Glad you are out of the funk! I think we all get in funks, but its good to just focus on happy things when you get in that mood, think of things that are ahead that you have planned, or people that you love ; )

    Happy Weekend! xoxo <3

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    Funky days just make the non-funky days better! I love that you’re close with your brother. My brother is just under three years younger than I am, and we used to bicker all the time. Now that we’re older, we’re a lot closer. It’s nice!

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    getting out of funks is SO damn annoying! it’s like you want to be out of it and you try and then NOTHING works. glad you got your face out of it and seems like you came across some pretttty good solutions! the last compliment i got was from my boss and she said she loves the work i do! :) made my day!

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    The last person would be my girlfriend Allyson. She sent em an out-of-the-blue text this morning that said: “love you best friend”. super simple. Yet it really put quite the smile on my face early in the morning.

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    oh the funk, been there. I go there quite often, but getting out of it makes us stronger, right?!
    Last person to pay me a compliment was my mom, does that even count? hehe.

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    The last time I got paid a compliment was yesterday, from a fellow blogger who checked out my blog and said it was “adorable”. I love that adjective the best out of all the ones I’ve been told! And I LOVE your running post; I just read it aloud to my mom and sister and we were all laughing. It is SO true. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that good ol’ Elliptical. It’s a lot kinder to our bodies than running ;).

    Thanks for the post and so glad I found your blog (courtesy of Clean-Eating Chelsey).

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    i completely agree with you! i’ve been in such a mood the past few days. i got in bed last night at like 8 because i just couldn’t motivate myself to do anything else.

    i just started reading your blog last night after Julie mentioned it and I’m already hooked!

    have a great weekend!

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    I’m in serious need of getting out of this lack of exercise/ weight loss funk :) I got complimented earlier this week by a co-worker who told me i’m a rockstar nurse :)

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    just found your blog through chelsey’s and am loving it! i have also been in a maaajor funk this week and may have (briefly) taken comfort in knowing that someone else was in the same boat!

    hope your weekend is better than your week was !

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    That’s so sweet of your brother! Hope you enjoy a funk-less weekend 😛 The last person to pay me a compliment was the department chair and principal at school who told me that they’re already impressed with my work after the first week of school 😀 It was so refreshing to hear that becuase it was a rough week [all throughout the school] and I just hoped that they saw that I was trying my best…

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    The last person to pay me a compliment was my friend Kim who said she liked my dress (sun dresses are so easy in the summer time, and everyone thinks you tried hard to get ready haha)

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