Focusing on the Whole Self

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When Cory and I first met, I was a freshman who’s priorities were parties and pizza and he was a junior who was very dedicated to attending his fraternity parties on the weekends.

Exercise was not apart of our vocabularies and I’m quite certain we ate Velveeta mac ‘n cheese with a side of hot dogs several times a week.

Once winter break of my freshman year rolled around I was low on energy, I had acne for the first time in my life and my jeans were just a little too tight. It was then that I realized something had to change.

It took Cory a little bit longer to catch on, but now it’s almost 5 years down the road, we’re now our own little family and things have changed.

Cory has lost 30 pounds since I first met him (!) and I can run more than a mile without crying, vomiting and/or becoming so sore that I can’t walk for a week.

Cory and I make an effort to maintain all-around wellness. By that I mean that we attempt to maintain our mind, body and soul (or emotions). For us, wellness isn’t just about exercise.

We’ve found that if we hold each other accountable for the personal standards that we’ve set for ourselves, everything seems to fall into place.

When we get the adequate amount of exercise, sleep, good (and junk) food and we spend time with family and friends, it’s easy to maintain wellness because we’re taking care of our whole self.

What does wellness look like in your life and your family?

Has wellness always come naturally to you?

What factors contribute to your overall wellness?

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    Great post! :)

    I’ve always eaten fairly well but pigging out and being lazy were fairly common during the college years (and sometimes still happens now!).

    Today I always try to stay consistent with my workouts, go running with my boyfriend and cook us tasty nutritious dinners. Being healthy 90% gives us some wiggle room for fun :)

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    Aw, great post! I have always eaten fairly well (although I definitely went through a phase where what I thought was healthy wasn’t really haha) and I got my exercise habits from my parents who were both avid runners. After my mom got MS though, she wasn’t really able to workout and the past few year I’ve been able to help reintroduce healthy living into her life!

    My bf and I are both really active and enjoy eating well so it just kind of comes naturally. Although, he has taught me a lot and I love it!

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    You both look great, glowing and happy. Since college I’ve always been a wellness-minded person. The boyfriend and I eat pretty well together, but I only see him on the weekends and I know he doesn’t do so hot grocery shopping for himself! Either not enough, not the right things, or too much! He’s trying to get better but it’s tough for him to grocery shop, meal plan and be organized. That’s where I’m expert!

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    Wow – that’s great! You two both have such a healthy glow. It’s great that you are both in it together. My hubby could eat anything he wanted and not gain an ounce, but he still eats whatever I cook (even lentils, sprouts, and tofu!). Thank goodness for that!

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    I can totally relate! I love eating healthy and exercising because it just makes me feel good to know I am nourishing my body! Especially since it’s not like I’m not getting another one!

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    My boyfriend and I definitely hold each other accountable. We each do in very different ways, but with the combined efforts it equates into something really great. I’ve always been one for exercise routines, but I easily fall in and out of them. Although, that is true for my boyfriend he studies outdoor education so when he’s not in a gym routine, he’s doing the real stuff outside that the gym simply imitates. Because he always gets the right combination of gym and outdoor exercise time, he inspires me to do the same.
    My part is for the food and nutrition. I am a brand spanking new vegan, and am approaching my one year anniversary of vegetarianism. I have always been mindful of the food I am eating, and have inspired him to do the same. With my recent adoption of veganism, he is starting to see the importance of focusing on a plant base diet.
    We both inspire each other to be the best people we can be, in all ways of our lives!!

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    I was raised eating healthy food but I definitely gave into one too many temptations freshman year. I so feel you on the jeans getting tight. But like you, I was able to turn it around. The most important thing for me has been surrounding myself with other like minded people. If you have around with people that are “unhealthy” it will tend to rub off on you.

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    Good post! I try to have a good balance…I do my best to eat healthy foods, but I allow myself to have sweets too. I go to the gym because I like the way I feel when I do, and I try to get enough sleep (though I need to work on that). My boyfriend has caught on to the exercise thing, and I think it’s good for both of us. I no longer have to feel like I’m begging him to join me at the gym…and it allows us extra time together!

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