Fitness: It Doesn’t Look the Same to Everyone

This morning I woke up and immediately slipped into gym clothes. I mindlessly laced up my shoes and haphazardly pinned my hair up into a mess that resembled a pony tail. If you can pick up on context clues, you have already made the connection that I wasn’t jazzed about going to the gym this morning.

I sat on the couch and pulled up some of my go-to blogs for workout inspiration. Surprisingly, nothing was jumping out at me.

I felt lazy and almost said “Forget it. Hopefully there’s an SVU marathon on this morning.”

But then I saw all these tweets about how nice the weather was this morning, and suddenly, I remembered:


…is more enjoyable than the treadmill.

So I decided I’d switch it up and take my main (furry) man on a long walk rather than half- assing it on the treadmill in a small, sweaty gym.

It’s amazing how much a 45-minute walk with in the sunshine with my dog impacted my mood. I wasn’t doing hardcore sprints, I wasn’t doing squats until I could no longer stand, and hell – I wasn’t even sweaty afterwards – but I felt good!

In my opinion, that’s what fitness is about. I’ll never run a marathon or have a six-pack, and that’s fine because those things aren’t for everyone (although I wish a six-pack was for me ;) ) To me, fitness is about moving,¬†variety, and feeling good yourself.

Let’s chat – Fill in the blank: To me, fitness is about __________.¬†


  1. says

    Having fun… doing little things everyday. 20 jumping jacks here, 30 crunches there and Zumba and yoga and pilates. It’s a mind-body-spirit thing and I feel much better finding little ways to stay active throughout the day then “going hard” in the gym (although I sprinkle that in as well). :)

  2. says

    I think you hit it right on the head! For me, fitness is about feeling fabulous. For me, that means looking good and feeling physically good. Some days that means crazy workouts. Other days, it means just getting out and enjoying the weather. I try NOT to make it about what someone else looks like. Or how much I ‘weigh’. ;) Thanks for the boost w/ your post, you’ve inspired me to take my pooch outside this afternoon and do the same.

    • Colleen says

      Agreed! Trying NOT to make it about what someone else looks like” is key to success! Great point, Amy! :)

  3. says

    The weather has been gorgeous up here in Michigan too! Windy yesterday – but nice enough for a lovely run outside. And yes – SO much better than the treadmill!

  4. says

    Fitness to me is about clearing my mind, challenging my body and feeling great after a workout. I totally agree with you, you don’t have to kill your body day in and day out – your body deserves a break as much as your mind does! it’s totally normal and healthy to have days where you just want to do something you don’t have to think about!

  5. says

    To me, fitness is about: making a healthy choice for myself, increasing my wellness, pushing myself to accomplish new goals, and being strong. And sometimes having fun:)

  6. says

    I’m glad you got out there girl! Fitness, for me, is all about enjoying most of the workouts. There will always be workouts that you don’t like but if you enjoy most of them-you are on a good place. :)

  7. says

    I totally agree. I love a good walk, and I frequently say it’s my favorite form of exercise. With that said, I do sometimes crave the exercise high that only heart-pounding & sweat-inducing workouts provide. Both are good!

  8. says

    To me, fitness is about enjoying something while accomplishing what you once thought impossible. Even on an “easy” day, you’re still achieving something that is a struggle for others. I’ve been a competitive runner my whole life, but I often forget that fact. Exercising isn’t initially simple. Yet when something eventually becomes “simple,” you feel successful. Then, once something becomes simple, you move onto something else that is challenging, and makes you feel strong when you succeed. It is an endless, and awesome cycle. :)

  9. says

    To me, fitness is about connecting your mind, body and soul. Moving usually = feeling good for me, so each day I just figure out what kind of movement I am craving. I love your perspective on this, so refreshing! AND -I LOVE your doggy, I have a main gal pal that looks just like him (except minus 1 leg ;)) Have a fabulous day!

  10. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says

    sometimes…it takes me a good 10 minutes to talk myself into working out. But I never regret going to the gym. Fitness to me is for the endorphines and to lose a few lbs so I can look in the mirror and think, I look pretty good.
    I cant wait till we have nice weather all the time! Im ready for spring :)


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