Fitness Friday: My Take on Running

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who had dreams of becoming a runner. Lurking from the elliptical, she envied the toned girls who just kept going..and going..and going on those treadmills – and didn’t seem suicidal.

I want to be like them, she thought.

Slowly but surly, this timid fitness novice made her way over to a treadmill. Believing that she was the most fascinating person in the gym, she was confident that everyone was looking at her and judging each pathetic stride.

To be brief, it didn’t go well.

This girl compared the feeling of running to that of being tortured and killed slowly. Like someone puncturing her lungs with a needle prick and watching her suffocate.

But she kept doing it.

She ran her first 5K in 43 minutes – and hated it.

She ran her first 10K in 59 minutes – and hated it.

She ran her first (and let’s be honest, only) half marathon in 2 hours and 12 minutes – and hated it.

Why’d she stick with it?

Because she wanted to be like someone else.

She wanted to be the person who felt at peace while running, but instead she was angry the entire time. She was chasing the runner’s high she’d read about hundreds of times – but it never came.

So finally, she put away her running shoes and changed gears. She picked up a few weights and stumbled her way through her first boot camp class before eventually falling in love.

So what’s the moral of this story? Don’t do fitness with the goal of becoming someone or something that you’re not.

Find what works for you. Then you’ll find that peace, that fitness high.



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    I love this post! So true. Not everyone is a runner. Sometimes it seems like it, but there are plenty of activities out there. Some you enjoy, and others you do not!

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    I can empathize with this SO much – on the highest level! I longed to be a runner for so long, then realized I probably shouldn’t strive to be something if I can’t stand to do it *BORING*

    Happy Friday!

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    Geez I needed this! This morning at the gym I was just thinking about how much I don’t enjoy running anymore. I don’t know why people (including myself, sometimes) put pressure on themselves to become a “runner”. From now on, I am just going to be a person who occasionally runs…not a runner.

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    I LOVE this post! While I do enjoy the occasional run from time to time, I have come to terms with the fact that I am not a natural runner. Yoga, kickboxing, bodypump/attack… those are all things I love and actually feel like I’m good at, at least much better then running. Props to you for still running in races and getting great times!

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    LOVE this post! I fell into the same trap and ending up wrecking my knees and contributing to a stress fracture in my foot. I felt like I was forcing myself to run longer distances just because I “had to”. I do love to run to clear my head every once and awhile but usually keep those short, fast, or do walk/run intervals.

    I like doing races for the fun, social aspect of it but I’ve learned my body does not love running. I need high intensity, heavy, heavy weights, and lots of barbells :)

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    Love this post! Especially because I’m having trouble running lately and second guessing myself with it. I’m going to try crossfit next month, and if I want to keep running, I will, and if I love crossfit instead, I’m going to do that!

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    I’m right there with you, girl. I love to watch people run and am envious at times…but it’s just not for me. Put me on a spin bike, in a sculpt class, on the elliptical and with weights – but don’t ask me to run a mile. I don’t want to. I like when other people are honest about running…why do something you don’t enjoy?

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    This is a great post! I’ve been struggling lately with finding motivation to run. I’d always rather do something else like swim or a circuit workout, and I felt bad! So stupid, I know. But I’m slowly coming to the realization that I will never be the girl who runs 10 miles everyday because I just love it so much. Ha, I consider 3 miles an awesome running day, and that’s ok. :)

    • Colleen says

      Aunt Janet, I like the rewarding feeling AFTER it’s all said and done, but I’ve never found running to be easy or enjoyable! It’s a constant struggle for sure. I’ve always wished I was a runner like you and Grandpa!

  9. Emily says

    I could not have summed up my running relationship more perfectly. I’m just NOT a runner. I used to long to be one of those women who can just get up and pound out 10 “easy” miles, but I’m not. I never will be. Instead, I’m a “I do what I want to feel fit/clear my mind” woman.

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    I am the same way about running except that I get the elusive “runner’s high” when I finish running. Although, I found during my last 5k that I can get it while I am running as long as there is at least a third of the race downhill at the end. 😉

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    Totally agree! I don’t mind it when incorporated into other things (like boot camps) but long distance running I find boring and only fun when done with others! Do what you love!

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    great post girl!!! i can definitely agree/relate to you! i used to log miles just because i was silly thinking that was the only way to be fit! <3 weights forever haha

  13. Susan says

    You have such a witty way of breaking through the crap. Can’t wait for the book to come out. :) Great seeing you this weekend!

  14. says

    I love your philosophy! I went through the same struggle. I ran several times a week, joined two running clubs, and even ended up doing a 10 mile run. But once I started playing tennis again, I remembered how it felt to LOVE an exercise activity rather than just suffer through it! I don’t even think of it as exercise, which is a great feeling :)

  15. says

    Great post! Sadly, I do love running. However, running doesn’t like me right now… or at least a couple of my joints. Running relationships don’t come naturally for some of us…

    But I am loving my Friday spin classes! 😀

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    So very true! I grew up running and always envied those that could run and run and run without the side effects I felt. Then I met my husband who loved weight training. I now have found the perfect combination for me. Running is still part of my life, but isn’t as important anymore. Not everyone is meant to be a marathon runner. :)


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