Fitness Friday: Gym Bags

Gym locker rooms. Does anyone use those things? If I could get over myself, the gym locker room would be such a time saver in the mornings.

But alas, I am a diva. When I was on the high school swim team, I tried to bolt in and out of the locker room as quickly as possible. Something about naked, sweaty and/or chlorine-y bodies made me uncomfortable. Okay – it still does.

And those ladies who dry off every bodily nook and cranny as if they are in the privacy of their own bathroom?

Also, I don’t own a gym bag, and I’m not about to be that girl who uses her purse as a  two-fer bag. No.

That said, I have been looking. I want a big bag. Not Mary Kate Olsen big, but big. I’m also looking for a girly bag, because I believe you should feel cute when you go the gym. I’m not trying to carry around a bulky, black soccer bag.

Enter: Dream Gym Bag #1 from Cassey Ho’s oGorgeous shop. I love the size, the glitter, the pockets, the satin lining. Everything.  Gimmie, gimmie. 

Enter Dream Bag #2 from LuLuLemon. I love the Pack Your Practice bag because of the drawstrings (and because I can’t afford Dream Bag #1.) You can make this bag as big or as small as needed – and there’s also a mini removable bag when you just need to grab your cell phone, keys, and go.

Enter: Dream Gym Bag #3 from Bow Peep. I’m a sucker for a monogrammed anything – so why not a monogrammed gym bag?!  I love the Bow Peep etsy shop – so many cute bags! I could absolutely see myself carrying this bag on my shoulder walking into Body Pump!

Let’s chat – Do you use a gym bag? If so – where did you get it? When I walk out of the door to the gym, I have my hands full with my water bottle, my wallet, and my phone. That needs to change! 


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    #3 is definitely my fave!!!!!
    Also, a good (cheap-ish) alternative, a Land’s End bag :) They are a good size, you can wash them easily, and they a cute!

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    It’s times like these when I am thankful for going to a small gym. Not only do those uncomfortable locker room scenes not go down but there are barely ever any people there if the scenes WERE to go down. Thank you, lord. I have never had a gym bag but now I want one after seeing these! I would probably feel like I was over doing it with Cassie Ho’s bag (even though I love it and her) so the Lulu one would be my choice!

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    I really love the second & third bag!

    I use a Vera Bradley wristlet for the gym on most days… perfect for my keys, phone, & a copy of the group exercise schedule. On days when I take spin, I bring a bigger tote bag for my shoes, but again it’s just a really old (& scraggly) Vera Bradley bag!

    • Colleen says

      Kate, I hope I didn’t offend you!! I know someone who uses her purse as a gym bag, but doesn’t clean it out. So it’s like, her professional bag has a pair of used socks in it! I’m sure you at least differentiate the two! 😉

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    I still use one of those little nike bags that you wear like a backpack but it’s light and small? I’m sure you know what I mean, pretty sure everyone had one in middle/high school…prooobably time for me to get a real gym bag too.

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    I have a lululemon gym bag that I got on sale (whatever sale is to lululemon). I eyed it for the longest time but didn’t want to shell out just under $100. Mine was $79 or something ridiculous like that and it’s mint green and retro. I like it though I wish there was a place for me to carry my yoga mat so I look cooler. I’m not a fan of the monogram unless there’s a different font for the “spence” part of it.

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    I usually go to the gym in the morning and come home to get ready so I walk out the door with my keys, water bottle, iPod shuffle clipped to my pants, workout plan, and a towel.

    When I do go straight to work from the gym or to the gym from work, I use a LeSport Sac bag (large enough to fit towel, hair dryer, and other shower related items) or the large shopping bag by Herve Chapelier that I splurged on in college (when all of my income was disposable–or so I thought). I like the Herve bag better because it’s sturdier. The LeSport Sac bag is a little flimsy for my liking.

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    Ew, I hate getting changed in the gym! I always feel like I’m never dried properly and like my clothes have to be dragged on with so much effort. I also hate having to do that awkward towel shuffle when I’m trying not to show all my goods to the rest of the room while putting my bra and knickers on. I leave the gym in all my sweaty glory and shower at home. Bag 3 is my fave :-)

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    I have two- both pink! – big enough to have a change of clothes, toiletries and even swimgear but compact enough to not look like I’m taking off for a weekend away.

    The other one is just for going to classes when I don’t want to carry around my zip up, phone, keys etc.

    I love the bags you chose – scared to google though in case I get to lustful and end up purchasing just because I heart them.

    I really love this bag though and might treat myself- the more I workout the more pretty workout accessories I allow myself.–/dp/B00740A1PI/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1343216088&sr=8-5

    PS Congrats on the house build!!!

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    I love the oGorgeous silver bag, but agreed, I cannot afford it either right now. :[ Going to look into dream bag #2, that looks nice! Currently, I use a military green drawstring backpack that has 3 pockets on it (love and need pockets!). I have to carry my bike lock, ipod and headphones, keys, phone, water, towel and workout sheets. Good luck finding one!

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