Fitness Friday: BodyStep 88

Edit to add to yesterday’s post: Penske actually read my post, emailed me, and after talking with their Social Media team at the corporate office, we were refunded the rest of the truck!! I was super impressed. While I was not pleased with our overall experience, their Social Media team saved the day! Thanks, Ryan Dixon, my favorite member of the Penske Social Media team! :)


Last night, Emily and I switched up our routine (cue: breathing deeply into a brown paper bag), opting to forgo our morning workout and try the new Les Mills BodyStep 88 release after work instead.


I had never done BodyStep before, so I was a little nervous. I don’t do well with dance-y choreographed fitness classes, but I know the key to staying fit is continually trying things that are difficult.

And BodyStep is just that: difficult. An intense, fast-paced cardio workout that utilizes an adjustable bench/step, BodyStep uses bursts of high intensity intervals paired with muscle toning tracks give you an amazing overall body workout.

And when I say fast-paced, I’m not kidding. There were several different times when I literally stood on my step, confused as hell, while everyone else around me looked like they came out of a sweaty Glee episode.

While I was embarrassed about my severe lack of coordination, it was honestly one of the best workouts I’ve gotten in a long time. And looking at the stats Les Mills provides, I see why:

Seriously, I was dripping with sweat before we even finished the warm up, and this morning my legs are so sore.

Even though I was lost and confused, awkward and uncoordinated, and hands down the biggest dweeb in the class, I had a great a time. Emily and I have already decided we’re going back next week!

Let’s chat:

  • Have you tried BodyStep before?
  • Are you super excited about the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight?! I am!! I have to DVR it, but I’m looking forward to watching it this weekend! 



  1. Emily says

    I sweat more than I ever have in my life!!!! But an average of 620 calories in 55 minutes?? No question, I’m going back! We’ll get the steps down eventually :)

  2. says

    Never tried Bodystep,but I want to now. That’s some serious calorie burn! That’s great news about the truck refund. One of the perks of having a blog! Very excited for the Olympics… gymnastics.

  3. says

    Hahah this made me laugh. A “drippy sweaty Glee session” bahaha. I’ve never tried a step class, mostly because it makes me think of ’80s aerobics classes that are more flailing around that actually a good workout – you have changed my perspective though!

  4. Sarah L. says

    I <3 Bodystep!!!

    I always get this goofy smile on my face because it is so fun and it is a little cheesy!
    BUT its an awesome workout and you don't realize how sore you will be until you wake up the next morning!

  5. says

    I’ve done a Pump ‘n’ Step class that my gym offers… a mish-mash of BodyPump & Step. I thought it would “introduce” me to Step, but it really just sent me running in the other direction! I THOUGHT I was pretty coordinated, but that class was a humbling experience. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the courage to try a full-on Step class, but it does seem like a great workout!

  6. says

    Body step definitely takes coordination and I don’t think Les Mills does a great job of instructing the instructors to properly break down the moves for the participants! As long as you had fun and got a good workout, thats all that counts-try again you’ll get better!

  7. jay says

    Step is abt co-ordination, endurance & power. Les Mills does a decent job of putting in a warm up, high intensity periodization (cardio peaks), interval training (rest periods between peaks), & plyometrics (jumping/lateral movement), along with a cool down & some stretching packed into one hour. The music is crap. The moves can be over the top too “dancey”/”girly” Why does every song have to end with a Madonna vogue pose–can’t anyone just walk away from the *!*#@ step?? The enviornment can be the girls’ club, depending on the instructor–ie. “ladies..lets do calf raises for your high heels”. (sorry, don’t wear heels, yep, I’m a guy, not a lady, Im here to work out, not socialize & I pay the same club dues that u do) As for learning the “steps”, it helps with memory (you see a move, internalize it, replicate it–good to prevent alzheimers). Its also amusing as a guy how many sweaty women are uncoordinated (& hey whats this female thing about NOT changing/showering at the club, just walking out the door in dripping, stinking, workout clothes) , . LM step instructors face the class & mirror the moves. Their right is your left. (took me a while to figure that They also preview/preannounce the move, tho sometimes a tad late. Too bad on the format.

    • Colleen says

      I love this comment, Jay! Their right is your left – yep. Took me a while to figure THAT one out, too! And the “voguing” at the end! What the heck?! I’m like, “Really? I just want to catch my breath – not point to you, twirl, and throw glitter in the air.” 😉

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