Fact: I Collect Mugs

I sorta kinda have a problem.

A mug shot problem, that is. Whether it’s my favorite university, my favorite animal, or something weird [like cow udders] I just can’t pass up a good mug. We have plain, boring white ones in our cabinets, you know, in case the President comes over for coffee – but they’re pushed to the way back.


If you collect anything, you know that each item tells a story or has some kind of significant meaning. While I don’t think the Lancers mug is all that attractive, I am wildly obsessed with my alma mater, and seeing that mug reminds me of the place where I made life long friends + met my husband. It also reminds me of pure debauchery, but that’s neither here nor there.

One place I routinely find the best, funky, oh-so-perfect gifts is Uncommon Goods. From when I posted a picture of my new mug on IG, it seems like I’m not the only one who loves that place. (For my fellow blog lovers: please check this out – who knew?!)


Our anniversary was earlier this month, and while I was poking around their site for gift ideas, I knew these mugs HAD to end up in my possession. So yeah, maybe I picked out an anniversary gift to myself, from myself but…whatever. Happy wife, happy life. AMIRIGHT?!


Because I’m curious: Do you collect anything?

Disclosure: Uncommon Goods provided me with my choice of personalized item. All thoughts and expressions are genuinely my own. 


  1. says

    I love the Uncommon Goods website! No shame there, they have awesome stuff. I have a guilty pleasure of collecting exciting snack foods…is that weird? Like whenever I see a particularly yummy new snack bar or popcorn or chip at the store and I haven’t tried it (usually these packages will be the single-serving packages) I just have to buy it because OHMYGOD it’s NEW! And then I end up getting too many…and have a large snack bag of random assorted snacks that I slowly work on over time…It might take me months to get through them all. Because I keep buying more. Ugh.

  2. Chelsea says

    I’m not the only one! I thought I was a big weirdo for having an obsession with coffee mugs. I don’t know if I would say I collect them, but if I see a cute one (or one with my inital on it) I surely can’t pass it up!

    Thankfully my boyfriend is the same way, and we no longer have any plain coffee mugs – sorry Mr. President!

  3. Jennifer G. says

    Aww. This reminds me of my grandpa. He collected mugs (and hats) and they were displayed on shelves all over their kitchen. One that I clearly remember was a ” Polish mug” that had the handle on the inside. We are part Polish, so the joke is on us. Ha!

  4. says

    Those mugs are so cute! I can see myself collecting mugs when I have more room for them (NYC apartment = not conducive to collections). I’d say I collect journals, but sort of unintentionally. Just because I fill them within a few months!

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