Even With the Best Intentions

Yesterday was one of those days when I had the best intentions to come home after work and devote hours of my evening to playing the role of a studious graduate student.

But when I came home, I remembered the laundry I had left in the dryer for two days (I have got to stop doing that!) I still hadn’t ordered the bridal shower gift for Cory’s co-worker, and seriously –  how could anyone possibly study with clean dishes in the dish washer?

Only savages, I’m sure.

And after I completed all those “to-dos” my husband came home from work. My husband who I didn’t see at all yesterday because I worked and then had class until 10:00. And let’s be honest, my husband is funnier and a much better drinking partner than Assessments in Counseling.

After sipping some wine and highlighting about three and a half sentences in one text book, I was ravenous.

Homemade pizza was on the menu last night. We used Pillsbury pizza dough and each claimed half of the pie. We both love mozzarella so that was a no brainer,  but I hate banana peppers and Cory hates mushrooms.

Dinner came and went. We cleaned up and I hunkered down to read (only after quickly checking my Facebook, Twitter, email and Googling myself – twice.)

And then you know what I realized? I had yet to watch Kim’s engagement episode on Keeping Up With the Kardashians! The other night, I watched two random episodes when Cory threatened to jump off our balcony if he had to watch one minute more. And with that, I was forced to TiVo the engagement.

So last night I finally sat down to watched the wealthy train wreck that is the Kardashian family and loved every minute of it.

And with that, I need to tend to my textbooks this morning…

Let’s chat –

Do you watch any trash reality TV? I think you know my vice…

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Do you develop random bouts of ADD like I do?


  1. says

    omg i LOVE trashy tv- but i need to really cut it back due to all my hw/books i have for grad school now as well- i also watched k.kardash’s proposal and loved it (although i still say he got the idea from Zach) bahaha.

    • Colleen says

      It’s just a half marathon :) But thank you! I’m busy that’s for sure! It only seems like too much if I stop and think about it haha

  2. says

    Aw your night sounds much better than studying, I have to say. I love pizza, I never realized pillsbury made a crust, interesting!! Have to check that out. I love ham &pineapple pizza!! But I also like to put green peppers, mushrooms, sometimes tomato etc on as well :)

  3. says

    I love that you talked about the laundry and dishes because that is me when I’m procrastinating. I hate doing dishes but if I have work to do then all of a sudden the dishes seem like loads of fun!

    Fingers crossed today is a more productive night!

  4. says

    It’s good to know that I am not alone when it comes to leaving clothes in the dryer! I’m not all that into reality television but ever now & again will get sucked into it. Now pizza, I love pizza! We make this BBQ chicken pizza that is to die for!

  5. says

    UM. ADD is my middle name. I’m not kidding. I feel the need to text while running.

    AAAANNNNDDDD I love watching Kardashians. And Bachelor Pad. oh, love.

    And honestly? I like all pizza toppings. the more the bettah!

    …I’m really glad I’m not the only person who leaves their clothes in the dryer for 3 days.

  6. says

    I have ADD right now :) haha.

    You should get the pizza dough from Trader Joe’s they have a pesto one that is AHmazing.. also a tomato, plain and whole wheat.. All spectacular….

    Depending on my mood, I like to use pesto sauce in stead of pizza sauce, tomatoes, cheese (duh), and grilled chicken.. delish.

    other times, just plain mushrooms, onions :) all of it.. other than olives, I will eat it…

  7. says

    I seriously admire those of you that can hold down jobs AND go to school! I just don’t know how you do it. I am so brain dead at the end of the work day & just can’t imagine having to go to class or study too!

    I’m hooked on Dance Moms…but my husband won’t even stay in the house if I’m watching it…it’s THAT bad…

  8. says

    That sounds so much like my day [minus the grad student part!]. I sit around doing all kinds of things I SHOULDN’T be doing, and glancing at the ones I should be doing thinking….. hmmm… Haha. :) PS, LOVE the Kardashians. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

  9. Ashley says

    I am jealous you got to see that episode… I get to the commerical break before he pops the question and then miss it!! Whomp! I am in love with anything on E! and Bravo these days, oh and dance moms! haha. I have been watching tv instead of schoolwork, but I haven’t really had school b/c of this crazy weather!

  10. says

    I like mushrooms AND banana peppers on my pizza! That’s actually my favorite combo! And yes, I’m sucked in the Kardashian’s family story. They make me feel better about the relationships I have with my own two sisters. We fight and whine (like girls sometimes do), and then we’re best friends the next day. The Kardashian girls seem to have this same dynamic going, so my sisters and I must be normal ;).

  11. says

    I think with everything you are cramming into your life you are allowed a little ADD and a little trashy TV, for that matter, every now and then! :)

    I *love* homemade pizza! Mushrooms are one of my favorite toppings. I like banana peppers but never would have thought to put them on pizza. Creative points to your husband for that one!

  12. says

    your life sounds just like mine… i’m a student, training for a marathon, puppy-mama to a caaahrazy pupsqueak, working and ADD to the max! (I’m not married… yet!) BTW, you hate banana peppers?!?? homylanta, i LOVE them!!! so so much. I’ll eat your share in this world, gladly!

  13. says

    My house was SO much cleaner when I was still in grad school. ANYTHING seemed better than studying. FACT: I studied so much harder with a clean upstairs bathroom, even if I was downstairs in the office.

  14. says

    I watch them as well. I actuallyreally like them because even though they are stuck up, you really can tell that they love eachother. (but really who wears $75,000 earrings and loses them in the ocean haha)

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